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Check Out This Awesome GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY Poster

Thought the Guardians of the Galaxy awesomeness was done for the day? Wrong. In addition to a new trailer and character profiles, Marvel is now offering up the first poster from the upcoming sci-fi blockbuster:


“You’re Welcome” pretty much sums up the attitude of this flick, doesn’t it?

It’s been a long time since we’ve seen a marketing campaign this ambitious. The trailer was one of the most oddly enjoyable things to hit the web in recent memory, and all these characters, thus far, seem to carry themselves in a way even more eccentric and over-the-top than Tony Stark.

Honestly, the fact that this is a massive, Marvel/Disney summer blockbuster and not some $5 million dollar indie flick is kind of amazing. Nothing about this concept should be translatable to a mass audience, yet everything we’ve seen so far seems to be just that.

Good work, Marvel and James Gunn, we’ll be waiting to see what you brought for us come August.

Image: Disney/Marvel Studios

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  1. Horseman says:

    And where’s Quasar and Adam Warlock?

  2. Horseman says:

    No thank you. Where’s Nova? Why is Star Lord lame? Why does Drax have a really bad rash?

    Everyone else looks good though.

  3. Fartbooty says:

    Needs more lens flares

  4. Misha says:

    I like it!

  5. Hayley says:

    I am inexplicably, massively excited for this.