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Check Out These Amazing Custom Happy Meals You’ll Wish Were Real

Last week, a group of very dumb concerned parents made a rather big fuss when images of a McDonald’s Ouija Board Happy Meal started making the rounds on Twitter and elsewhere online. Without bothering to use Google and actually see if the supposedly offensive items were actually real, they instead made all kinds of noise about the All-American company trying to use their power to lure the nation’s children into the world of the occult.

Well, as it turns out, rather not shockingly, the Happy Meal image is a fake-or rather, a piece of art from a Los Angeles based digital artist named Newt Clements. As described on his Pinterest profile, he’s an artist that utilizes a plethora of different media to create his work, and among his art are images of McDonald’s Happy Meals, both the boxes as well as accompanying toys, based on a variety of beloved pop culture properties-most properties very much not aimed at little kids.

Among the Happy Meal boxes are those based on modern television shows like The Walking Dead, Dr. Who, and Breaking Bad, older shows like Charlie’s Angels and Wonder Woman, horror classics like A Nightmare on Elm Street and Hellraiser, cult films like Pink Flamingos and The Big Lebowski, and just random pieces of pop culture ephemera like Grumpy Cat and infamous real-life plastic surgery addict Jocelyn Wildenstein.

Whatever part of geeky popular culture you’re a fan of, chances are you’ll find a corresponding Happy Meal among his pieces-although if we here at Nerdist might be so bold as to make a request for future additions to Mr.Clements, a Game of Thrones and Star Trek seem like choice candidates for future pieces, don’t you think?

Check out some of Newt Clements work below, or go to this Pinterest page to see the entire collection of of well over one hundred of his custom Happy Meal creations you’ll wish were the real deal.







All photos by Newt Clements.


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  1. Bob Johnson says:

    I would want a TARDIS Happy Meal, then it would be bigger on the inside.

  2. What no Soylent Green?

  3. KevieC says:

    I really hope little kids aren’t into Breaking Bad, The Shining and Poltergeist…  Giving out blue meth as a toy is really messed up.