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Check Out ROGUE ONE: A STAR WARS STORY’s New Aliens!

Check Out ROGUE ONE: A STAR WARS STORY’s New Aliens!

No matter how good or bad your weekend was, we’ve got just the thing to ease you into your workweek in today’s Movie Morsels: an update on the new species of aliens we’ll meet in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story! Plus, the latest image from Assassin’s Creed, casting news on the Jumanji reboot, and much more!

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

If there’s one thing the Star Wars movies have always had in spades, it’s interesting alien races. From the Jawas to Maz Kanata, the saga has been chock full of diverse races from myriad worlds. Disney’s Rogue One will be no different, as all who have seen the film’s sizzle reel from this summer’s Star Wars Celebration well know. Now we have a little more intel about two of the new alien characters featured in that reel.

The lizard-like fellow at the top of this page is Rebel Commander Pao, a member of the Drabata species. According to Making Star Wars, “An amphibious Drabata, the fierce commando Pao charges into battle with a full-throated battle cry of ‘Sa’Kalla!’ He joins the Rogue One team on its historic mission to secure the Death Star plans.”

Also featured in the sizzle reel is Moroff…

Rogue One 2

Cute, isn’t he? Making Star Wars reports that Moroff is a Gigoran who “seeks out combat zones to sell his brawn and firepower to anyone who might need it. The mighty Gigoran mercenary figures there’s money to be made for a towering heavy gunner.”

Assassin’s Creed

Who wants yet another look at a hooded Michael Fassbender as Aguilar de Nerha in the long-awaited adaptation of the Ubisoft video game franchise Assassin’s Creed? Okay, fine, since you asked so nicely…

Yup, Total Film has this exclusive pic, as well as the above cover shot and lots more from the film, in its latest issue. Since we’ve now had several looks at Fassbender’s 15th century Spanish assassin, I’m curious as hell to see more of the other character ‘ol Fassy plays in the film: the 21st century criminal Callum Lynch! [Twitter]

So we know Jumanji‘s adult roles pack a lot of star power in the form of Dwayne Johnson, Kevin Hart, Karen Gillan, and Jack Black. But hey, didn’t the original Jumanji have some kids in it? Will we also get some whippersnappers in this reboot?! The answer, according to Johnson, is yes! Meet the “Jumanji Juniors”…


Dwayne Johnson has been sharing quite a bit from the film on social media…

[Coming Soon]

Bad Santa 2

If you’ve been afraid to the watch the latest red band trailer for Bad Santa 2 at work because you’re worried all of its foul language and bad behavior will get your ass fired, well, never fear! A green band version of said trailer dropped over the weekend, and it’s guaranteed to let you keep your job while still getting a few yucks in. Enjoy!

[Broad Green Pictures]

Snapshot 1988

Like father, like son… With the number of film adaptations of Stephen King’s work out there, it will take quite some time before King’s son Joe Hill catches up. But Hill’s definitely gonna give it the old college try! Following 2013’s Horns (based on Hill’s novel of the same name), Universal is adapting the author’s novella “Snapshot 1988.” Set in the titular year, the story follows a young boy tasked with caring for his aging retired housekeeper. Mike Flanagan and Jeff Howard (who co-wrote Ouija 2: Origin of Evil) are in talks to write the screenplay. Hill’s a talented writer; having met him several times, I can attest that he’s also a helluva nice guy. So more power to him!

[The Hollywood Reporter]

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Featured Image: Lucasfilm/Disney

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