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Catch David Tennant on “Attack of the Show” Today


Today (that is, Thursday, August 2nd) on Attack of the Show, watch our own Matt Mira interview the Tenth Doctor himself, Mr. David Tennant! Doctor Who might get a mention, knowing Matt. A really fun and lively chat is had and it exists for all of you to watch! In case you had any doubt, David Tennant is a super cool and nice fella. Today. Attack of the Show. 7/6c. G4. Go to there.


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  1. ecg says:

    Tell me about it…I would like to know more of what took place at the TCA panel, besides how David looked like…like more about the mini-series and potential dates to air Spies of Warsaw. None of the main industry press has even bothered to write about the SoW TCA panel, either.

    Hopefully David accomplished something for himself while on US soil, such as seeing his agent and starting the ball rolling on an international project or two for 2013…Fingers crossed.

    At least it looks like he had a blast during the interview…It’s always fun to see David be David…Now if we can only see more of him more often on this side of the Atlantic!

  2. Deanna says:

    Matt, you did a fantastic job! It was a great interview! I loved the bright green sweater too! I really hope you get the co host job on AOTS.

  3. Lauren says:

    Awesome job Matt! I loved the David Tennant sweater you sported. Way to take the interview to the awesome level.

  4. lenny says:

    awesome! thanks for mentioning, since BBCAmerica site and twitter feed seems to be completely ignoring his appearance at the TCA, despite the fact he’s been sitting in front of a huge-ass BBC America sign the whole time promoting one of their shows. But this just seems to be part of their ongoing goal of ignoring anything pre-season 5 Who.

  5. poiboy says:

    @ Chuck W. ATOS will post it, most likely tomorrow, on their website …enjoi

  6. Matt Boyd says:

    Thanks to the Interwebs I will be watching the 10th Doctor!

  7. Chuck W. says:

    I can’t thanks to the evil DirectTv.

  8. Ben Z says:

    I hope Matt asks him about Boston based sports! That leads to some of my favorite times on the podcast.

    I know that may be coming off as sarcasm, but I’m serious.

    For realz! You know I’m serious, because I used a z. Seriously, none of this is sarcasm.