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New Captain Picard Toy is the Figure of our Memes

There are so many Star Wars 1:6 figures that it’s refreshing to see Star Trek: The Next Generation get its due in Quantum Mechanix’s new line of 1:6 Trek figures. The first up is none other than Captain Jean-Luc Picard of the starship Enterprise — an incredibly faithful recreation of Patrick Stewart‘s likeness from the earliest seasons of the show.

The new Picard figure is 12 inches tall, and it has several points of articulation that can be used to recreate many of Picard’s most famous poses. That includes the following shot of what we affectionately call “Action Picard.”

More impressively, this is a Picard figure that can assume almost all of the poses from our favorite Picard memes. That includes Face Palm Picard:

Toyark’s gallery of photos had the best pics of the new Picard figure, which really captured some of the inherent hilarity that came from putting him in those familiar poses.

Picard’s uniform looks so good that we suspect this figure could pull off the real Picard maneuver. In addition to the various accessories included, the figure also comes with a Star Trek: The Next Generation display base shaped like the delta insignia, which will allow fans more freedom when using Picard’s 30-points of articulation to choose his poses.

The Captain Picard figure is currently available from QMX for $179.95. You can see more pics in our gallery below.

What do you think about the new Captain Picard figure? Engage and set course for the comment section below!

Images: Quantum Mechanix/Toyark

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