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Kevin Feige Gives Even MORE Details About CAPTAIN MARVEL

Warning: This post contains potential spoilers for Captain Marvel!

Marvel may not have any more movies coming out in 2018, but the march towards 2019 has begun! EW‘s Captain Marvel cover story gave fans the first real look at Brie Larson in costume as Carol Danvers and her alter ego and The accompanying pictures offered additional hints about the film. Now, Marvel Studios’ Kevin Feige is sharing some additional Captain Marvel details. Today’s Nerdist News is going cosmic to tell you what it means for the MCU’s next heroine!

Join host and Rigellian Recorder, Jessica Chobot, as she walks us through Feige’s recent comments. While speaking to EW, Feige laid out Carol’s character by calling her Kree half “unemotional” before adding that “this human part of her that is flawed, but is also the thing that she ends up leading by.” He went on to say that her humanity is “also the thing that makes her great.”

In the comics, Carol became half-Kree in the same accident that gave her superpowers. It sounds like the film may be deviating from that origin by making Carol a true human/Kree hybrid. Putting Carol on the Kree Starforce is another change from the canon that may strengthen her ties to the Marvel cosmic universe.

Feige also noted that Captain Marvel is strong enough to move planets, which potentially makes her the most powerful hero in the MCU. Considering that she’s likely to take on Thanos in Avengers 4, that strength is probably going to come in handy.

How do you feel about the potential changes to Captain Marvel’s character and origin? Let’s discuss in the comment section below!

Images: Marvel Studios

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