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Breaking Down the Best/Worst AVENGERS 4 Theories

Warning: There are potential spoilers ahead for Avengers 4!

It may be a holiday, but we’re not taking a day off! There are so many theories about Avengers 4, how could we possibly take a vacation now? Some of these theories are a bit out there, but at least a few of them are very plausible. Today’s Nerdist News is calling upon the Bifröst as we examine the best and worst Avengers 4 theories that we’ve heard so far.

Join host and Empress of the Skrulls, Jessica Chobot, as she sheds light on the silliest Avengers 4 ideas, including a Secret Invasion adaptation in a single film! We can totally see that happening over time, in multiple movies. But trying to cram that into the next film while resolving Thanos and the Infinity Gauntlet story is asking for an overstuffing of Spider-Man 3 or Batman and Robin proportions. We’ve already got Thanos, and he’s more than enough villain for everyone.

Here’s where things start to get intriguing. What if Doctor Strange used the Time Stone to trick Thanos? The idea is that Strange gave Thanos the Time Stone from the future while leaving the Time Stone of the present for Tony Stark to discover on Titan. That could prove to be a critical weapon against the mad Titan.

Ant-Man and the Wasp‘s mid-credits also hinted at the possibility of time travel. While the Russo brothers have downplayed that angle, we’ve seen set pictures of the Avengers and Loki dressed in their costumes from the Battle of New York. There doesn’t seem to be a good reason to revisit that time unless it’s significant to the final outcome. We’re thinking that Ant-Man’s time vortexes may prove to be the key to undoing the great dusting.

What are your favorite Avengers 4 theories? Let us know in the comment section below!

Images: Marvel Studios

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