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BREAKING BAD, STAR WARS Inspired Art in Gallery Nucleus’ Adorable New Show

Gallery Nucleus is an art lover’s mecca in downtown L.A., where you can check out all sorts of contemporary art… and of course, buy prints. Their latest gallery is Little Golden Tales, original illustrations inspired by the classic book covers from the 1940s. Of course, as with many recent hip art gallery offerings, this show comes with a pop-culture twist.

Delve deeper into some of the prints and you’ll find “Chemistry Lesson” by Maxine Mary, a quaint Breaking Bad father and (adopted) son (drug dealing partner) bonding session, “The Little Doctor” zipping through time and space by Loren, and “A Day at the Spa in Dagobah” by Sadie Figueroa. Other famous faces include the precocious kids from Moonrise Kingdom, a little hobbit from Middle Earth, and Wonder Woman herself.

Little Golden Tales is showing at Gallery Nucleus until February 9th, 2014. Pick your favorite prints before they’re gone! I’m partial to the Breaking Bad cover, myself.

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  1. swinefever says:

    These look like the work of Cooley.