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Bookends to the Rescue!

Look! In the sky! It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s superhero bookend that will save the life of your books!

superhero bookstop2_07142015

If you’re any sort of book lover like me, there’s a regular chance that your books are threatening to completely take over your home. No more! The design shop Artori Design has a grand collection of whimsical metal book stops and shelves that can solve all your villainous and rebellious book problems.

These shelving options are painted black metal. You can combine them or use them alone. For instance, the vertical shelve above can be paired with this option if you crave a little balance on your bookshelf:


The caped crusader is reminiscent of very traditional superhero drawings from the last hundred years. The design is so popular that it is actually sold out on the designer’s website, but is available through another website called Design Boom. I definitely recommend you check out Artori Design, though these superheroes are not the artists’ only creations.

There are bookshelf stop options for a number of other literary tropes that you may particularly love. There’s one designed for the crime lover, the cookbook aficionado, and those with a soft heart for romance. These are all molded from the same materials as the superhero option so you will know exactly what you’re getting. Artori has also designed a few fun bookmark options if you’re more likely to simply stack the books you can’t stop reading instead of bothering to organize them neatly on a shelf. All will make you feel like you’re inside one of the classy and hip apartment libraries you see on design blogs.

Check out the gallery below and let us know what other options you would love to see these designers come up with in the comments below. Perhaps a lady hero option? A droid or spaceship for the science fiction lover? Something like Sherlock Holmes for mystery? The possibilities are endless!

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Images via Artori Design



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