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How to Achieve the True Ending and More in the RESIDENT EVIL 7 Demo

How to Achieve the True Ending and More in the RESIDENT EVIL 7 Demo

*Editor’s Note: This post contains spoilers for the Resident Evil 7 demo. Turn back if you haven’t played yet and wish to remain in the dark. 

One of the best surprises during Sony’s E3 press conference earlier this year was the announcement of Resident Evil 7–which is completely playable on PlayStation VR. To add an extra layer of excitement to the reveal, Capcom released a free playable demo dubbed “Beginning Hour” following the reveal. As most who’ve played it know, there’s more than meets the eye about the teaser. Like Hideo Kojima’s P.T. (playable teaser) for Silent Hills, the short level is brimming with secrets and hidden items.

With the game set to release on January 24, 2017, the developer has released the “Midnight” update for the demo, which introduces new explorable areas, items, and a way to actually use the dummy finger! After playing through it a few times myself, and looking around online for secrets, I pulled together a comprehensive guide of things you might not have known about the demo. Enjoy!


The “true” ending

With the final update that released last weekend, you’ll be able to achieve the “true” ending. To reach this, you’ll need to grab the fuse from the secret room immediately and head upstairs. Grab the “object made with celluloid” item from behind the TVs, and the basement key from the table and head back downstairs. This key will allow you to access the grimy door downstairs that was previously not unlockable in earlier versions of the demo. Before heading in, grab the dummy finger from the drawer in the hallway outside the room you woke up in.

Now head through this door and into the next corridor. To the right you’ll find a bathroom with a flooded toilet and bathtub. Keep the location in mind because you’ll be returning in a minute. Before using the basement key on the gate at the end of the hall, grab the blank notebook from one of the drawers. After that head down to the basement (*shivers). In the first room you’ll find several body bags and a valve. Grab the valve and head to the next room. You don’t have long because a monster refered to as “the molded” is going to spawn, so run in, grab the window key, avoid the monster and head out the way you came. If Jack blocks the door, kick it open and run upstairs to safety.

As long as the molded didn’t touch you, you still have a chance to achieve the true ending. Before you head to the attic, you have a chance to solve five murders using the dummy hand and grab a gun–which is found via reinstalling the valve in the bathroom, and flushing the toilet. Once you follow those steps (listed in detail below), head back up to the attic and use the key on the window to escape. If the monster did touch you, however, your character will become infected and won’t be able to make it all the way up the stairs to unlock the window, giving you the “infected” ending.

Resident Evil 7 Teaser: Beginning Hour_20160915115950

How to use the dummy finger

Besides getting the true ending, the final update gave us another thing to be excited about: a use for the dummy finger! If you were paying attention to the guide above you were instructed to grab three items: the dummy finger, object made with celluloid, and the blank notebook. The only way to move forward with solving the murders is by having all three in  your possession. Assuming you already grabbed all three, and completed the previous steps (aside from exiting through the window), combine the dummy finger and celluloid object in your inventory.

Once you’ve formed the dummy hand, head to the fallen bookcase at the bottom of the stairs. Take the dummy’s hand out and point it in the direction of the bookcase until it vibrates. Doing so will unveil the first passage in the previously blank notebook. It reads “Grace will not wake when the clock makes its chime. Her covers are heavy and it’s her last bedtime.” Creepy.

The next mystery takes you down to the basement where the corpses are. *Note: make sure to do this after you’ve already escaped the monster in the basement to avoid interruption. Take the dummy hand out and point it at the body on the stretcher until the controller vibrates. This will reveal the second journal entry: “Phil’s tucked in tight on his cold, stiff bed. He’s having sweet dreams of not being dead.”

The third murder requires the handgun you got from the toilet. If you have it, equip it and go to the bottom of the stairs. Shoot the portrait on the wall until you hear a giggle and head into the small room under the stairs. Take the dummy hand out and point it at the door that’s been blocked off to add the next entry: “Stanley was told to go hide and they’d seek. But they wouldn’t let him out no matter how much he shrieked.” From here, stand in the doorway and look up at the mirror. Hit circle for a quick-spin and look at the mirror again to hear another giggle. After that, head to the attic again and point the dummy hand at the blue and white wires hanging from the wooden beam to received the fourth entry: “Marlene was so proud of her white and blue necklace. It made her feel tall and it left her quite breathless.”


The fifth and final murder is a bit more complicated and requires the Derelict House VHS tape. Grab it from the locked cabinet using the bolt cutters if you haven’t already and play it on the television in the other room. Once the flashback starts, head to the basement and look at the doll on the floor in the corner for the final giggle. After that, head back upstairs to the kitchen. Open the pot on the stove and point the dummy hand at it until the final message is added to the book: “Timmy did not mind the harsh light of four suns. Eyes require heads and he did not have one.”

Now that all five murders have been solved, the door in the corner of the attic will be unlocked (and covered in bloody handprints). Enter the room and grab the “dirty coin” item from the chair. From what I’ve read online, it looks like the item can be used in the main game. What it does, however, remains to be seen.

Were you able to make it all the way through the demo? What other secrets did you find? Let us know in the comments below, join the conversation on Facebook, or start one with me on Twitter: @Samantha_Sofka.

Images: Capcom

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