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A Bladed Yo-Yo in Slow-Mo is Oddly Zen, Incredibly Dangerous

The sound of spinning razor blades slicing through a hot dog in slow motion is a lot like a couple of people giving each other very tender kisses. But don’t take that disgusting statement on faith. Watch the video below of a bladed yo-yo absolutely shredding tubes of both meat and toothpaste and find yourself suddenly transported to a very zen place surrounded by the sounds of people sucking face.

The ninja star on a string — that’s basically what this is, no? — was created by YouTuber and autodidactically trained tinkerer Giaco Whatever, who’s based in Italy. As expected from a guy whose last name is “Whatever” (on YouTube anyway), the reason Giaco made the yo-yo with blades is ’cause he could. Literally, he says that at the beginning of the video.

If you’re wondering how you can possibly throw a bladed yo-yo without needing some Deadpool-esque hand regrowth capabilities, the solution Whatever came up with is an ingenious little wooden throwing device, which kind of works like a ChuckIt! tennis ball launcher. But instead of launching a ball, you’re launching rotary death on a string. Also the launcher looks like a little monster, which makes the whole build exactly 5,000 times cooler.

This is actually part of the next video!

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This isn’t the first time Whatever has wowed us with his ability to build awesome yet extremely dangerous inventions. He’s also responsible for that bladed drone that “Fruit Ninjas” things with frightening ease as well as that nerf gun that shoots out nerf darts at 2.3 times the speed of sound. 

Speaking of the speed of sound, do you agree that this bladed yo-yo whacking its way through a hot dog in slow-mo sounds like tender kisses? What defenseless tube of household paste would you want to aim this bladed bad boy at? Give us yo-yo thoughts in the comments below!

Images: YouTube / Giaco Whatever

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