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BIZARRE STATES: DECLASSIFIED Dives Even Deeper into the Strange and Sinister

On our Bizarre States podcast hosts Jessica Chobot and Andrew Bowser have gone where few souls dare to venture, by exploring the creepiest corners of this world–and the next–by lifting the veil on the most famous urban myths, murders, and monsters. But after nearly 180 episodes of looking into the scariest, strangest, most sinister tales, you’ve had one major request: give us more. That’s why we’ve unleashed them to go deeper than ever before into the macabre, with our new spin-off series Bizarre States: Declassified.

Every month, exclusively on our interactive online community Alpha, Andrew and Jessica will be sitting down with celebrities and expert guests at L.A.’s Mystic Museum to investigate the weird and supernatural with more depth than ever before. They’ll be digging into topics ranging from famous hauntings, to UFO encounters, to the downright bizarre. Because there’s no question too weird for them to ask.

What’s even more exciting is that we’re not going to make you wait to see the first episode, because it premiered today, Monday February 26. Here’s a clip from the debut episode, where Jessica and Andrew sat down with Bigfoot expert Matt Moneymaker, who shared the story of the closest he physically came to the legendary creature.

But while Jessica and Andrew will be going to some very dark places, we’re celebrating our newest show with something that will brighten up your day. Because we’re giving you a free 60-day trial of Alpha when you sign up. Just use the code MYSTIC and your first two months are entirely on us.

You asked for more, and we’re giving it to you with Bizarre States: Declassified, but we promise there’s nothing ominous about this offer.

What topics do you hope they’ll explore on the show? Don’t keep your thoughts declassified, share them with us in the comments below.

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