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Episode 3: Bizarre States
Murderers and Mysteries at the Cecil Hotel, Toynbee Tiles and Kymaerica
Bizarre StatesBizarre States

Bizarre States #3: Murderers and Mysteries at the Cecil Hotel, Toynbee Tiles and Kymaerica

Jess and Bowser discuss the unexplained deaths occurring at L.A.’s Cecil Hotel, the Toynbee Tiles mystery, and Kymaerica, America’s alternate universe sister-city.

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  1. Vince says:

    I really dig this podcast you guys 🙂 
    I mean, it’s always interesting and fun to hear about conspiracy theories, but it’s considerably less fun when the people talking about it AREN’T remotely critical of it. Like on Ancient Aliens, where those crazies just automatically assume theories as truth. 
    You guys do it right, though. This is really entertaining and fascinating to listen to. Jess, the thing at the end about Kynmaerica was the perfect example of just talking about, and enjoying, all the weirdness.
    Keep this podcast coming! 

  2. Wilco says:

    I don’t believe in the supernatural, aliens (at least the ones everyone hears about), etc.. But i’m enjoying listening to this episode. This is my first episode but they’re fun to listen to. I enjoy going into these types of things and the psychology of the human brain. They’re fun to think about, and thank you guys for not going into these conspiracy theories like many other out there. 

  3. hkharpster says:

    So what we learned today, is just never stay or ever go in/never the Cecil Hotel. 

  4. Stacey E. says:

    I’ve only listened to the first episode so far, but despite a complete disbelief in ghosts, I actually got chills running down my arms twice listening to the waking dreams and/or ghost encounters told on that one. It’s about time someone had a podcast focused on the “weird” stuff.

  5. Lauren says:

    Great podcast. I’ve been looking for a haunting show with a reasonably skeptical tone and this one fits the bill perfectly.

  6. Mike says:

    Love the podcast! I hope this gets picked up and keeps going for a long time!

  7. Daniel says:

    Another great episode! In the same vein as Toynbee tiles and pseudo-historic markers, you two should check out the Georgia Guidestones.

  8. Katie says:

    This is my new favorite podcast! Binged the three episodes that are up so far. Keep em coming!!

  9. Otsubor says:

    Totally noticed a Toynbee tile in downtown Baltimore a few months ago while walking to work.  Like most of the others, it was built into the road.

  10. Marc says:

    I’ve heard about some odd finding during psychic investigations around that entire area. There’s also some really interesting story about the sewers near their too.

  11. Matt Rebel says:

    Ahhhh I went to E3 last year and we stayed pretty damn close to that hotel….soooo creepy, that video freaked me out haha  great episode guys!

  12. Bryan Culver says:

    Wait.. isn’t this a re-post?