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Bill Murray Made Off With a Colbert Audience Member

Sometimes you are busy hosting your late night show on a major network when a vagabond falls asleep in the front row with his feet on your stage. And sometimes that vagabond ends up being Bill Murray.

That’s what happened to Stephen Colbert on The Late Show last night, when he asked the passed out man sitting up front to stop treating his studio like a park bench. When the man woke up and rolled over it turned out to be Bill Murray. Normally we’d assume this was just a bit, but with Bill Murray he may have just wandered into the studio on his own.

Colbert asked if he could get the completely silent Murray anything, like a cup of coffee, but all Murray wanted was the young lady sitting next to him. “That’s totally up to her, Bill,” said Colbert.

Well, it was freaking Bill Murray, so she took him up on the offer and the two left the studio together.

This all followed the host’s story about a retired Brazilian bricklayer and the penguin he rescued. Every year that penguin makes a 5,000 mile journey (which Colbert rightly assumes is narrated by Morgan Freeman) every single year to come back and live with the man for eight months.

“It’s like a Nicholas Sparks novel had sex with a Pixar movie, and it’s baby was an Adele song…that was covered in oil and then nursed back to health.”

It’s tough for anyone to follow a story that cute. I guess it was fortunate Colbert managed to find a “penguin” of his own in Murray that could pull it off.

Is there any place you could find a sleeping Bill Murray that would surprise you? Tell us where in the comments below.

Images: CBS

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