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Episode 70: Big Pop Fun
Tom Solos Larry Miller!

Big Pop Fun #70: Tom Solos Larry Miller!

Tom takes a solo on his friend actor/comedian Larry Miller, and also e.e. cummings. Enjoy!

Design Your Own “Pacific Rim” Jaeger

Design Your Own “Pacific Rim” Jaeger

How Chopsticks Reveal the Secrets of Your Kneecaps

How Chopsticks Reveal the Secrets of Your Kneecaps

Build Your Own Mesmerizing Kinetic Hummingbird

Build Your Own Mesmerizing Kinetic Hummingbird



  1. Rob III says:

    Just listened to this one and felt compelled to comment!

    The solos are always amongst my favorite episodes, but it is good to hear a reflection on or around Easter. As a fellow Catholic, I like your sensibility, and it means a lot to have that aspect of your voice contribute so well to the Nerdist spectrum (because I love all that other stuff too).

    Keep it up I will listen it teh 4evuh!!!!

  2. Ross says:

    Hear, Hear. Just do what you want with this beastie; if it isn’t “deep” enough for some of your pals, they don’t have to listen, do they?
    BTW, my only objection to a reference to some religious idea/tradition/tenet/etc. is that everyone(including you, Genial Host) now feels compelled to spend several times longer justifying/defending your ecumenical cred than it takes to tell the story. As you pointed out, you’re going to get missives from the foaming-at-the-mouth club whatever you do, so just tell the story & leave it at that.

    Thanks for the choir recording. They are, as most serious cathedral choirs are, very good indeed. My favorite musical experiences were singing in cathedrals in Austria & Italy in my youth, incl a spectacular performance with the Salzburg Dom’s choir of the Schubert Mass in G. And, to bring two of this podcasts things together, the college choir in which I got to sing at those wonderful cathedrals also did a strange, ethereal(& tough to sing) setting of parts of that ee cummings poem, of which I still think fondly all these years later. So, thanks for those memories, and may your local pollen count be unusually low this season.

  3. Wendy says:

    I fear I keep leaving identical comments with each post, but the only criticism of this podcast is that it is too short. I could always listen to another hour or two.

  4. Thugsnarf3000 says:

    #3 of 3 here!
    “What are you doing?! You’re complaining about your allergies and telling 60 Larry Miller stories?!” hahaha. This was my first ‘Tom Solo’s” episode. Hilarious. Love the podcast. Keep the sleigh rides coming 😉

  5. Ryan says:

    Number 2 of 3 and I thought this was fun!