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Big Changes to SPIDER-MAN 3 + CM Punk at Comic-Con

Welcome to another day of Comic-Con adventure! Not only do we have Jessica Chobot on location giving you the biggest news of the Con, but we have a couple of special guests joining us too– providing you that extra Comic-Con-in-your-home touch. Because we care.

Tenacious D’s Jack Black and Kyle Gass kick us off with a chat about their upcoming Festival Supreme before we get into some Amazing Spider-Man 3 news… It seems that the anticipated 2016 reboot is no longer being released as planned, and, as usual, speculation is running wild. Jessica wants to know: why, Sony, why? Marvel, on the other hand, has added a release to its upcoming slate, winning over our nerd hearts yet again. Finally, Nerdist’s very own host of Grammar Slam, CM Punk, joins to guide us through the convention hall floor.

It’s a packed episode, guys! Thank you for watching, and make sure to come back this evening for our wrap-up show with the Nerdist crew! And of course, we’ll be back for another episode of Nerdist News tomorrow morning.

Happy Comic-Con, folks! Join us for Borderlands: The Presequel themed Laser Tag every day at Petco Park from 11-5 and follow @NerdistDotCom on Twitter and Instagram for more up-to-the-minute coverage using #NerdistSDCC.

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  1. Church says:

    Cosplay is short for costume play!! :0 ….I never realized this before

  2. Scott says:

    I would love to see more stuff from the floor.

    Are you not allowed to bring cameras inside?

  3. alky138 says:

    What’s the deal with your video feed it’s the only feed lags every time I watch

  4. Jake raven says:

    When Punk pulls that face at the end, he kinda looks like Screech.

  5. Tausif Khan says:

    Since The Avenger’s have already gone with Ultimate Nick Fury in Sam Jackson and Sony has said no to have Miles Morales in their films Marvel should should add Ultimate spider-man to The Avengers team in the upcoming movies. Whedon has already said that Spider-man was his entry point into comics how sweet would it be to have Spider-man as part of the Avengers?

  6. Matthew Henderson says:

    Why are you guys billing him as CM Punk and not Phil Brooks?  Shouldn’t he get to use his own name now that he’s no longer contractually obligated to be “CM Punk”?
    Seriously, Jessica addressed him as “CM” and “Mister Punk” as if those were his first and last name… 

    • Aaron says:

      If he had an issue he would have asked not to be called it.

    • sundowner says:

      CM Punk made the name CM Punk long before WWE, and he has kept the name because it’s the name he chooses to keep. His contract didn’t stipulate that he must be called CM Punk at all times.

    • Xeris says:

      Like sundowner said Punk made the name up himself long before he joined WWE, in fact in his last contract WWE tried to take ownership of it and he said no. D’Von and Bubba Ray were called the Dudley Boys long before they joined WWE but they sold the name to WWE which is why they had to change it to Team 3-D when they left and went to TNA because WWE wouldn’t let them use it and Punk didn’t want that to happen to him

  7. Matt G says:

    Love the Cho-bot!  Can’t wait to see what Punk does best… rock the mic.  Should be fun!

  8. Chris Brocco says:

    Gotta love Punk at least he found something he is good at.

  9. Technical note: You need work on your video player on your site. It stalls a bunch, and often can’t scroll down the page.

  10. Joshua Glenn says:

    Was that George R R Martin walking the background at the end of the video?!?!? O.o

  11. Why just address San Diego? A Majority of the people watching this will be people outside of California that couldn’t go.