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Beyoncé Suits Up as Storm for Ciara’s Birthday Party

As fans of cosplay and all types of costumed activities, we relish the opportunity to see celebrities waving their nerd flag with pride and creativity. Last year, Rihanna dressed up as a sexy Ninja Turtle for Halloween, while Kim Kardashian dressed as Poison Ivy will forever haunt our nightmares (or dreams). But we may have reached the peak of celebri-nerdery with Beyoncé dressed up as Storm.

For Ciara’s 30th birthday party this past weekend, supreme music queen B dressed up as Storm, the ultimate Wind Rider from X-Men and sent the internet into a tizzy. But do you blame anyone? Just check out those contacts and that marvelous white wig (pictured with comedian and actor Jeff Dye)!


This customized version of Storm—based off the illustrated Storm by artist Simone Bianchi for his Astonishing X-Men run—is electrifying and sultry. But Beyoncé has a lot more in common with Miss Ororo Monroe than one might think: they both command our complete attention thanks to her seriously formidable powers. She’s also royalty—storm a Kenyan tribal princess, B the queen of all music—so basically, we’re going to need Beyoncé as Storm in an on-screen adaptation. (That said, we are also excited for Alexandra Shipp’s young, de-mohawk Storm in X-Men: Apocalypse.)

Here’s another look at Beyoncé in character, feauturing an impressive group of superladies—like birthday girl, Ciara (Catwoman) and former Destiny’s Child singer, Kelly Rowland, as Black Canary.


How did Beyoncé do with this costume? Does this get you excited for the upcoming Storm action in X-Men: Apocalypse? Leave a comment below!

Image credits: Simone Bianchi/Marvel; Jeff Dye; People

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