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TV-Cap: Two X-MEN Series Are Coming to FX and Fox

Happy Thursday, everyone! Today is extra neat because not only are live-action X-Men TV series on the way, so is a Y: The Last Man adaptation. Isn’t it exciting? Aside from those bits of news, today’s TV-Cap has some goodness from The Flash, a teaser introducing Firefly in Gotham, Bill Murray singing a Christmas song, Nick Offerman, and more.

Rocket Launchers and Fire. Captain Nathaniel Barnes is getting a warm and fuzzy welcome to Gotham. In next week’s episode, “Scarification,” he encounters Firefly. The episode marks the character’s first appearance on the series, and as you might guess, there’s a whole lot of fire. The promo above is a little spoiler-y but continues to show Gotham is not kidding around in season two. [Comic Book Resources]

M for Mutants. Can your DVR handle recording more comic book series? I hope so because they’re coming your way. Marvel and Fox have worked out a deal to allow Fox to take the X-Men franchise to television and we all win. Huzzah! They’ve announced Legion for FX and Hellfire for Fox. Fargo’s Noah Hawley is working on Legion, a series focusing on David Haller–he’s possibly the most powerful mutant alive. Hellfire is, of course, about the Hellfire Club. It will be set in the ’60s. I’m especially on board with that and can’t wait to see the costumes! Read more about the series at Nerdist.

Parks and Brooklyn. If you’ve been missing faces from Parks and Recreation, turn your attention to Brooklyn Nine-Nine because Nick Offerman will be making a guest appearance on November 22. He’ll be playing Frederick, the ex-boyfriend of Captain Holt. The episode takes place on Thanksgiving… and that’s about all we know. But do you really need more? Offerman on TV. That sentence sells it. [Entertainment Weekly]

Fact or Fiction? WGN America’s Manhattan is back with its second season. To celebrate the return of the series about the making of the world’s first atomic bomb, our own Alicia Lutes asked the cast questions about science. Because, obviously. The results are adorable. [Nerdist]

Falling Fast. Katharine McGee’s upcoming series of novels called The Thousandth Floor hasn’t been released yet (and won’t be until 2017), but they’ve already been picked up for development by ABC. Greg Berlanti and Maggie Friedman are working on a series based on the story set in 2118 where a young woman falls from the thousandth floor and ignites a scandal–in this world, your floor matters. That sounds like some sci-fi goodness with an interesting premise. [Variety]

The Glamorous Life. Are you ready to hit the road with Showtime’s Roadies? The network has officially picked up the series from Cameron Crowe and J.J. Abrams for 2016. The one-hour ensemble comedy follows a group of a rock band roadies and stars awesome people including Carla Gugino, Luke Wilson, Keisha Castle-Hughes, and Rafe Spall.

Raise a Glass. Some videos speak for themselves, and this teaser for Netflix’s A Very Murray Christmas is one of them. Bill Murray sings. It’s delightful. The end. [Slashfilm]

About Time. Finally! Brian K. Vaughan and Pia Guerra’s Y: The Last Man is headed to the small screen at FX. The comic definitely seems better suited for a television adaptation rather than film, and I’m jazzed it’s finally happening. If the title is unfamiliar to you, two things: 1. Watch Nerdist News to get the lowdown and 2. Grab the trades and read them as soon as you can. [Nerdist]

You Don’t Say. Remember how I mentioned Offerman on TV is always a plus? He’s also appearing on FX’s Fargo. The show recently returned for season two, so you have time to catch up before the next episode airs on October 19. The above clips round up some comments from critics and preview what’s ahead.

Flashing It Up. There are so many wonderful things happening on The Flash right now. Tuesday’s episode brought Jay Garrick in costume (guys!) and the introduction of the multiverse. Martin Stein explains in the above clip from the episode. My heart. Let’s keep The Flash talk rolling: Read Joseph’s review of “Flash of Two Worlds” and his interview with Teddy Sears about playing Jay Garrick.

Are you more excited about Y: The Last Man or Legion and Hellfire? Let me know in the comments.

Featured Image: Fox

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