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Bob Ross Deadpool, Thanos, and More Fantastic Cosplay from Tokyo Comic Con

There was once a time where cosplay was relegated to small conference rooms at conventions but those days are behind us. Nowadays, wearing costumes is a huge chunk of what fans look forward to at any convention and we thank the technological miracle that is social media for letting us bask in cosplay glory regardless of where conventions take place. A quick search for Tokyo Comic Con gives us all the best bits of cosplay without the hassle of a long plane ride.

Who doesn’t love a good Squirrel Girl costume? With the announcement of Marvel’s New Warriors, we’re bound to see the popularity of this relatively deep cut cosplay increase but we had to celebrate this one before the character goes the way of the cornucopia of Jokers, Batmen (Bats Men?), Deadpools, and Spider-men (Spiders Men? ahh who cares?). Not that there still isn’t fun stuff to do with Deadpool. This Bob Ross Deadpool is straight from the recent Deadpool 2 teaser.

It’s hard to pick a singular favorite, but this one is certainly in the running.

Thanos…he’s so hot right now.

The above four pictures are all great, but please take special notice of fantastic comic-accurate Gamora, Star-Lord, and Nova on the bottom right.

WITNESS! This awesome Mad Max: Fury Road cosplay that, whether they were trying to or not, looks like part of The Adventures of Young Immortan Joe which is a TV series we just made up that absolutely needs to be made.

Real talk, Ringu got remade into The Ring and it was alright. Just imagine how incredible It would be if it was remade by Japanese horror filmmakers.

Credit to anyone willing to cosplay with facial prosthetics. Even more credit when it results in a spot-on Hades from 1997’s Hercules.

We’ll end it on this picture of the Spider-Verse because it’s likely the coolest Instagram pictures we’ve seen all week.

Did we miss your favorite cosplay of #TokyoComicCon2017? Shoot us a link to it in the comments below!

Image: Fox

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