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OVERWATCH’s D.Va Becomes an Awesome Mech Suit Cosplay

As D.Va, Hana Song is one of the most formidable characters in Overwatch, but she’s definitely not the easiest character to pull off in cosplay. The look of D.Va’s mech suit is difficult to recreate in real life, although it’s not impossible. A cosplayer calling himself GunGryphon has unveiled his new White Rabbit D.Va costume, and it’s so good that he makes it look like the character just stepped out of the game.

Via Kotaku, GunGryphon debuted his D.Va mech suit at Salt Lake Comic Con in September 2017 before it was fully finished. But even at that stage, it was a very striking take on the character. According to GunGryphon’s YouTube page, the D.Va cosplay was based directly on the game model and took over a month and a half to build. The final creation stands around seven feet tall and weighs roughly 50 pounds.

Impressed yet? We certainly are. Now check out the view from the front.

Sadly, the D.Va mech cosplay isn’t nearly as nimble on its feet as she is in the actual game. From an aesthetic standpoint, it’s very pleasing to the eye. But according to Kotaku’s report, GunGryphon has paid a high price for wearing this heavy costume for hours while walking on stilts. He has reportedly suffered nerve damage in his toes. That’s disheartening to hear, but GunGryphon is also said to be working on a redesign of this costume that will hopefully alleviate that problem.

You can find more of GunGryphon’s cosplay on his Facebook page. We’re excited to see what he comes up with next.

What did you think about this D.Va cosplay? Let us know in the comment section below!

Images: GunGryphon

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