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Beautify The Marvel Way with AVENGERS Face Masks

Taking care of your skin is important, especially if you want to look as fresh-faced as stars like Scarlett Johansson and Chris Evans. Facial masks can hydrate and polish your skin, but you often have to leave them on for extended periods of time and can look oddly frightening while wearing one. So, if you’re going to beautify yourself, why not look oddly awesome while wearing one? Thank goodness Japan is here to save us from boring home facials with Avengersthemed masks. It’s time to beautify the Marvel way!

These officially licensed Marvel face masks are made by the Japanese company Isshin-do Honpo, who happen to know a thing or two about decorative beauty regimens. They already sell kabuki and animal-themed masks, as well as ones based on Attack on Titan and even KISS.

The Avengers skin care pack comes with two masks, Iron Man and Captain America. Is it just me or doesn’t The Hulk’s green skin seem like the perfect match for a facial mask? Maybe that will be an option in Phase Two.

Far more advanced than simply putting cucumbers over your eyes, these masks are the real McCoy. Ingredients include water, glycerin, hydrolyzed collagen, lavender, and vitamin C derivatives and they work just like normal beauty masks you’d adhere for a home facial. They even provide this fun infographic to show just how gorgeous you can become after you’ve Iron Manned your face.

marvel masks-08242015

marvel mask facial-08242015

Sadly, repulsor application is not included. Masks retail for 900 yen in Japan.

Would you use an Avengers face mask? Let us know in the comments and definitely tag @NerdistDotCom and @justjennrecipes on Instagram if you do.

HT: Daily Dot
Image: Isshin-do Honpo

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