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Batman vs. Deadpool!!

The Merc with a Mouth against the Caped Crusader – It’s the battle you’ve wanted to see since ten seconds after you thought about it. Machinima‘s series Super Power Beat Downs now brings us a world where Deadpool comes to Gotham, and has apparently done terrible things to his DC counterpart, Deathstroke. He kidnaps Catwoman and objectifies her in order to entice Batman to come in for a massive beatdown. If it seems like Bats is being rougher than is common, it’s because Deadpool can’t die… In truth, I was going to be very angry if Deadpool had killed Batman.

Really terrific costumes in this video, and even the Tim Burton Batmobile makes an appearance. It also really solidifies the fact that a proper Deadpool movie not only could be made, it SHOULD be. R-rated comic book movies are fun. Who do you think would win in this actual fight? What match-ups would you like to see next? Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. Armaan says:

    Wolverine vs Deadpool vs Bat-man vs Deathstroke

  2. Riddly Diddly says:

    lol catwoman is played by a pornstar risi sims

  3. Illusion-XIII says:

    @Ross G, did you actually watch the video? Because (spoiler alert) Batman doesn’t kill Deadpool, he actually relies on the fact that an attack that would kill a normal human only incapacitates Deadpool, which is all he needs to rescue Catwoman (who frankly, could not have possibly had enough camera time in my opinion).

    • Ross G says:

      Yes, he doesn’t kill Deadpool.

      (Spoiler…) But he does blow him up. Overkill if he could have just incapacitated him, like tied him up, or cut him in half and string up like pieces of salami… (Mmmm salami…). I mean, Batman runs him through with a sword AND breaks his neck, then walks away!

      If he was using your ‘Strategy’ of attack that kills normies but incapacitates Deadpool, why would he walk away and leave him on the floor?

      He wasn’t, he was trying to kill him… And Batman Does Not Kill!

      Besides that glaring flaw, the rest was really good… Even Catwoman, from what little and BIG we saw of her.

  4. Marcus says:

    Is that Topher Grace voicing Deadpool?

  5. Ross G says:

    But, but, but… Batman doesn’t kill people… Its like his one BIG rule!

    And granted Deadpool can’t die, but still… Batman doesn’t kill, or at least doesn’t go out of his way to kill.

    Besides that, I’ve been really liking this series, if for nothing more than the Cosplay action.

  6. Michael E. King says:

    I wnt to see the Hulk tear Superman a new hell! To hurt the Hulk you have to anger him and make him stronger…vicious cycle as the green man gets bigger stronger regenerates and well you get my point.

  7. Jackson says:

    I’m not interested in this matchup. They are from two separate universes and Deadpool is a mutant. As mentioned in the post, Deadpool has had his head removed and not only can heal from it by getting it reattached, he can regrow it completely. Deadpool has an arsenal of weapons similar to batman but he’s also very strong and fast.

    I love Batman but what I never understood is that he is purely human but he seems to punch as if he is not. I don’t think batman has the tools or strength to give Deadpool a challenge and I don’t think either one of them would care about fighting the other.

    Further, there is a comic book about Deadpool killing everyone in the Marvel Universe. He literally kills everyone. You can’t enter this character into any realistic discussion about abilities or powers or combat prowess or anything really. He kills everyone.

    Finally, even if they did have a reason to fight and even if they could stand on equal ground, sooner or later Deadpool would shoot or maim or otherwise seriously injure or kill Batman, even though Batman could kill Deadpool over and over to no lasting effect.

    Deadpool is just not a character that plays well with others. He’s not an anti-hero, he’s an anti-comic book character. The whole point of Deadpool is to break the fourth wall and make fun of the universe he exists in. While I would like to see a Deadpool movie, they have to approach it from the same perspective as the source material or it won’t work.

    • matt says:

      deadpool is not a mutant first off no X gene in this guy its all artificial, and batman is super triple black belt, im sure he can throw a punch lol… I do see yoru point and believe that at some point after dying a million times deadpool would end up killing batman

    • Aaron says:

      Batman is a weapons expert so it doesn’t matter how many he has because he won’tmbe able to use them as well as Batman. He also doesn’t need to kill him, for example, Batman decapitated Deadpool and could have just sealed away his head in a metal box and sent it into space-although thar is overkill; however he also jusr needs to trap him which as a master tactician and a man with unlimited resources, it would not be a problem for him.

  8. damocles74 says:

    I was really expecting DeadPool to make a joke about becoming the next and ultimate Robin since he can’t die.