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BATMAN V SUPERMAN Trailer Perfectly Recreated with LEGO

Whether or not you’ve seen Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice—and if you have, whether or not you liked it—there’s one thing about the mega superhero film that’s totally inarguable: it contains massive destruction. But what if that destruction wasn’t tallied in lives lost and buildings destroyed, but instead in minifigs dis-mini-figured and plastic bricks blasted? What if the biggest blockbuster of 2016 (so far) actually… busted blocks?

Ladies and gentleman, we present to you… Blobstudios’ LEGO Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice trailer!

Blobstudios, a.k.a. Thomas Fyfe, is the self-proclaimed “weird Scottish guy” who’s been making animated “brickfilms” since 2008. But much like Superman in self-imposed exile, he’s been completely off the radar for over three years. But now, out of nowhere, he’s dropped this trailer on us, which is an excruciatingly detailed scene-for-scene replication of the Batman v Superman Comic-Con trailer remade using LEGO.

Needless to say, Fyfe nailed the re-imagining, capturing Zack Snyder’s signature dark tone perfectly, as well as much of the exact blocking—many puns intended— of the original trailer.

Fyfe also provides behind-the-scenes photos of how he executed the trailer, which showcase how he used little LEGO rigs to help move his camera for the required shot sequences. It’s especially impressive considering the facts that he mostly worked alone, and that the 3:36 trailer took months to create. Some of the behind-the-scenes photos are in the image gallery below, but if you want to check them all out, accompanied by Fyfe’s descriptions of what’s happening in them, you can do so here.

Now the only question is, can somebody please let this guy make a LEGO Batman movie? Err, wait… a LEGO Batman movie sequel?! We’ve all seen that awesome teaser trailer, there’s going to be a sequel.

What do you think about Fyfe’s LEGO Batman v Superman trailer? Is it the trailer we deserve, or just the one we need to build right now? Let us know in the comments section below!

HT: GeekTyrant

Images: blobstudios


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