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Telltale’s BATMAN: THE ENEMY WITHIN Trailer Gets Dark

Telltale Games has established itself as the go-to company for incredible story-focused gaming experiences based on our favorite pop culture properties. With breakout games inspired by Fables and The Walking Dead, the company has grown a legion of loyal fans who adore the expanded universes centered around our favorite fandoms. With the trailer for their second Batman video game, Batman: The Enemy Within – The Telltale Series, it looks like they’ve done it again…and made it really dark.

Following on from their successful Gotham debut in Batman: the Telltale Series, this new story seems to have taken a seriously dark turn, which for the Dark Knight is saying something. This trailer introduces us to a heavily horror-tinged representation of the Riddler. Long gone are his kooky clues, but say hello to some incredibly Saw-influenced torture machines and a new look very reminiscent of a certain Oliver Queen.

We’re also promised a return of the mysterious “John Doe” from the first game, who’s really only mysterious if you’ve never checked out a Batman movie or comic book before. That’s because, of course, this mystery man is (drumroll) the Joker! He appears briefly in this trailer to demand that Bruce Wayne return a favor, which can surely never end well for Bats. Plus, he takes what’s surely the first canon Batman/Joker selfie in known history.

The trailer also teases Commissioner Gordon looking like he was designed by the team behind Dream Daddy, generally smoldering away in his recently gained title. He became Police Commissioner during the first game after the previous Commissioner was killed by a notorious Batman villain, and now he’s ready to kick some bad guy butt and enable Bruce Wayne in his questionable mission of cleaning up the streets of Gotham with nothing but vigilante justice and billions of dollars.

These games are always an immense amount of fun. After the rather Bruce-heavy first installment–which saw an unexpected canon character take the role of the villain–fans will no doubt be super happy with this trailer. This time it’s Bat-heavy and sees Gotham’s most eligible costumed bachelor facing off against not one but two of his most iconic foes!

Are you excited to return to Telltale’s Gotham? Can’t wait to see what Jigsaw  the Riddler has up his green sleeves? Swing into our comments and let us know!

Images: Telltale Games

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