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Batman Kicks a Field Goal at University of Cincinnati Game

The internet is kind of like a roulette wheel with tiny Ginsu knives attached: It’s weird and you can’t really explain it, but because it’s a little dangerous and you don’t know what to expect, you find yourself intrigued. Since it is the unpredictable gift that keeps on giving, there’s never a shortage of wonderful trinkets like this video of a man dressed in a Batman suit kicking a misshapen ball of sorts through a giant yellow fork missing its middle prongs.

It all went down inside the Nippert Stadium at the University of Cincinnati in Ohio. The background details are sketchy but, as SB Nation reported, it looks like our costumed crusader (and, according to commentators in the video, a person dressed like the Joker who went before him) was there to film a television promo. Organizers instructed him to stand at the 20-yard line where he would then kick the ball through the goal as a packed stadium watched on. No pressure or anything.


If Wonder Woman were there, she’d tip her tiara to this hero the internet doesn’t deserve, but is exactly what we need right now. On second thought, why would she be watching from the sidelines instead of kicking from the 80-yard line like the unstoppable badass that she is? If there’s anything better than one costumed hero attempting to kick footballs for entertainment, it’s two doing so. We could even turn this into a Justice League Halftime Show and bring out the rest of the gang. They’re already appearing in two movies together, so a local TV promo couldn’t hurt.

What do you think? Who would you want to see on the field kicking a goal? Let me know in the comments!

Image: YouTube/AL Video

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