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New X-Ray BATMAN Figure Looks Deep Inside the Caped Crusader

Holy skeleton, Batman! You think you know the Caped Crusader? You definitely don’t know him inside and out–well, not until now. Toysrevil just revealed the new Mighty Jaxx figure from New York-based artist Jason Freeny; 4D XXRAY Batman. The piece has 37 individual parts and looks like someone went all Hannibal on a certain superhero. The video above showing the pieces as they fit together to create the “dissected collectible” is pretty cool. It also may give you health class flashbacks.

If you take a look at the Mighty Jaxx Instagram feed, you’ll see a bunch of their XXRAY series items, including a half open unicorn and a gingerbread cookie that might make you rethink your holiday desserts. Mighty Jaxx Founder and Managing Director Jackson Aw told the site that the XXRAY series, launched last year, was bringing a whole new element to this toy; play. He explained the choice, talking about how he used to twist his action figures as a kid. “That is why we wanted to shake things up a bit and include the playability element in the 4D,” he said. You can take this guy apart and really see what makes him tick if you fancy yourself the Joker. He’s made of hard plastic on the outside and his dissectible skeleton and organs are PVC plastic. The figure is 9.5 inches tall and will set you back $89.99.

The partnership bringing you Batman’s tiny skeleton and inner workings consists of Freeny, Mighty Jaxx and Hong Kong-based designer toy producer Fame Master. Freeny describes himself as, “a dude with some clay and the curiosity to see what’s inside my favourite childhood toys.” In case you were wondering, this is”the first ever true dissected licensed collectible,” according to the Mighty Jaxx YouTube page.

Want to freak yourself out even more? Head over to mightyjaxx.rox and check out some of the other stuff on there. There are XXRAY LEGO mini figs, an XXRAY balloon dog (seriously cool) and an XXRAY rubber ducky. Maybe we don’t use that one during the kid’s bathtime, okay? Fancy a little crunch in your gummi bears? There is also a group of the sweet little guys, complete with insides. There is even a Barbie, a Bugs Bunny and a Stay Puft Marshmallow Man! According to Freeny’s page on the site, he’s been involved in a number of award-winning projects. It’s easy to see why.

Saturday’s (November 19) launch coincides with the big designer toy show called Designer Con, happening this weekend in Pasadena, California. If you’d like to get your hands on one of these babies, head over to If you’re grabbing one for yourself, we want to hear about it. If you’re lucky enough to hit Designer Con, we want to see pictures of what you bought! Tweet me/us @JennaBusch/@Nerdist and show us your new shiny things.

Image credit: Mighty Jaxx

Now, let’s talk Bat-capes.

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