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Turn on the Bat-Signal – the BATKID BEGINS Trailer is on the Loose!

When you get diagnosed with leukemia at five years old, there aren’t a lot of opportunities to experience the joys and wonders of childhood. Thankfully there are organizations like the Make-A-Wish Foundation that help give back a little bit of the childhood missed by kids like Miles Scott.

You may not recognize his alter ego’s name, but Miles Scott is the awesome kid who saved San Francisco – oh sorry, I mean Gotham City – as Batkid last November. Now his story is being made into a behind-the-scenes documentary, Batkid Begins, and we have the official full-length trailer for you here:

The documentary will chronicle Miles’s journey through cancer treatment and his identification with his favorite superhero Batman, to the wish that changed San Francisco into Gotham and the thousands of people who got involved to make his dream come true. President Obama and Batmans old and new even sent messages of support!

At the documentary’s heart is the question award-winning filmmaker Dana Nachman asked when she set out to make the film, “Did Miles need inspiration? Or did the world need Miles?”


Nachman’s Indiegogo campaign is raising money to finish the documentary and will run until August 19, 2014. At this time, $48K has already been raised of the $100k goal. She is working with famous musicians, animators and visual effects professionals to bring this documentary to life.

Thanks to the outpouring of support from Miles Scott’s family and friends from around the world, Batkid saving Gotham City became an international event that reached more than 2 billion people. Batkid Begins will make sure the world remembers that superheroes exist whether they are fighting crimes or making wishes come true.

You can follow Batkid Begins on Facebook and Twitter and by tracking the hashtag #BatkidBegins.

Where were you when Batkid saved Gotham City? Tell us in the comments below!

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  1. Tony says:

    I loved Batkid. It’s a story I remember because I love when news is good, but this lady is a desperate ploy for the director to get attention. Don’t fund crap like this, send some green to Make A Wish itself.

  2. Eve says:

    They said the same thing to Jesus when the woman washed his feet with costly perfume. “Think of the money it cost, you could have sold the perfume and given the money to the poor”. It’s like saying gestures that make people feel moved and happy and a part of something bigger are distilled down to what the production cost. Not everything is about money and how you think it’d be better spent

  3. Katie says:

    I was there when Batkid saved my city! Such a great day in the city by the bay! 

  4. brandon says:

    Just think if all the money spent on that wish and the documentary surrounding it had gone to cancer research, hospice care for terminal patients or treatment expenses for poorer cancer patients. I hate sounding like an asshole, but while this was delightful for this kid there are a legion of ways that money could have been better used.

    If the Indiegogo hits its $100k goal and you add that to the $105,000 cost of Batkid Day, that’s a good chunk of money that could have been used to benefit a lot of people.
    It may sound heartless, but the needs of the many…

    • Madbones says:

      U mad ?

    • MechanicalCrow says:

      And how do we know that people touched by this documentary or Batkid Day  haven’t stepped up donations to worthy causes? You can’t use a single metric to systematically tear down this documentary in order to guilt people into not being inspired by this kid. “The needs of the many” shouldn’t be a throwaway excuse to bring attention to others. That’s exploiting them to tear down this kid.

    • Well, it is heartless and you do sound like an asshole.  You could just have stopped at the but.  And as I write this, I am in a hospice room, with my wife, stage iv metastatic breast cancer and we donated to make-a-wish after Batkid.  So aside from the power of inspiration, it created positive publicity to help.   Your causal needs of the many reference negates charity for the person with the cancer.  

      • s0nicfreak says:

        So you donated to have more wishes granted, not towards cancer research… Which would you rather have, more batkid movies or a cure to your wife’s cancer? 

    • Rob says:

      I get what you are saying but I would counter with a project like this bringing out awareness to people who start thinking to themselves that they should be donating to cancer research etc,

    • Mark says:

      If you hated sounding like an asshole then you wouldnt be one.  Couldn’t you have helped raise funds for cancer instead of writing your troll response?  I guess that only applies to other people you hypocrite loner nobody.