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BALLOT BANTER: Week Ending 9/14/14

This week in politics was a tough one with President Obama making a speech to the country on the threat of terrorist group ISIS, the country remembering the 13th anniversary of 9/11 and watching the NFL and the Ray Rice story all over the news. Let’s see what our favorite cable satirists had to say about the issues of the day in the latest edition of Nerdist’s Ballot Banter.

The Daily Show with Jon Stewart

The Obamacare Apocalypse

Fairly new correspondent Jordan Klepper goes into the field to speak with those whose lives had been ruined by Obamacare. The results of his findings? Let’s just say inconclusive.


Guest: Kirsten Gillibrand – Part 1

Junior senator Kirsten Gillibrand caused waves in her new book Off the Sidelines when she recounted stories of sexual harassment and inappropriate conduct from her fellow senators. More than that though, Gillibrand aims to inspire young girls to get involved and stand up for themselves and play a part in their government while host Jon Stewart facilitates a frank and honest discussion about gender attitudes and discourse surrounding the issue. For the full interview, visit


Guest: Ban Ki-moon

United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon pays a visit to The Daily Show making a plea for peace and discusses the great international conflicts facing the UN today.


The Daily Show Podcast without Jon Stewart

The Daily Show Podcast without Jon Stewart is bi-weekly and returns with a new episode this week!

The Colbert Report

The Country Is At War?

Stephen reacts to President Obama’s speech to the nation regarding the terrorist threat of ISIS/ISIL and grapples with a burning question — so, are we at war or what?


The Midterm Round up: The GOP Has Lady Problems

Two new studies conducted by the GOP find that they have a problem connecting with lady voters. Senator Scott Brown’s solution? Honoring one local business woman with the Women for Scott Brown Hero award… and accidentally getting her name wrong.


Guest: Lonn Taylor

Historian Lonn Taylor stops by The Colbert Report to discuss the history of our National Anthem, the American Flag as we know it and the battle that inspired amature poet Francis Scott Key to pen “The Star Spangled Banner.”


Real Time with Bill Maher

Real Time makes its return with a live episode from Washington, DC. The show featured appearances by Nancy Pelosi, NBC’s Andrea Mitchell, former Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour and former Republican presidential candidate Jon Huntsman. Jerry Seinfeld makes an appearance later in the show (and makes a really funny “Italian ISIS” joke) after Bill names the winner of his “Flip A District” contest and addresses gridlock in Washington in the Real Time season premiere episode.

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver

In international affairs, John Oliver delicately explains the problems between Scotland and England and outlines both sides of the argument for Scotland to stay in the United Kingdom or declare their independence. Bonus: who else knew what Scotland’s national animal was? Points to Scotland for being awesome!

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Sebastian Stan is a

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