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Latest BABY DRIVER Trailer Shows a Shootout to the Beat

Energy, pace, rhythm, and visual prowess are all words to describe the work of the most masterful filmmakers of all time, and they also describe Edgar Wright‘s beloved four films. Coincidence?! We think not! And the latest trailer for his long-awaited fifth film, Baby Driver, looks like it’ll be all of those descriptors and more. Wright’s Atlanta-set heist movie about a getaway driver with tinnitus is entirely set and choreographed to the music playing in our young hero’s headphones, and while the first couple of trailers were great, this latest one shows off all of that to-the-beat action in a glorious, “TeKillYah” way.

Ansel Elgort is the titular infant motor vehicle operator and he’s the go-to wheelman for Doc, a criminal mastermind and pseudo-father figure played by Kevin Spacey. Various different bagmen and women enter into his life, played by the likes of Jon Hamm, Eiza Gonzalez, Flea, Jon Bernthal, and Jaime Foxx, and his criminal life is about to get in the way of his real life when he meets the lovely and wholly innocent waitress, Deborah (Lily James). Oh no.

Baby Driver looks insanely awesome (Nerdist’s own Dan Casey sure thinks so too) and we can’t wait to see it a million times when it hits theaters on June 28!

Are you jazzed for the new Edgar Wright jam? Let us know in the comments below!

Image: Sony Pictures Entertainment

Kyle Anderson is the Associate Editor for Nerdist. You can find his film and TV reviews here. Follow him on Twitter!

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