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Awkward Family Un-Seen Photos With Doug and Mike

Awkward Family Photos has been collecting and sharing the very best in inappropriate family pictures for years. Starting today, the guys behind AFP are bringing their excellent taste in bad photos to the Nerdist Channel in the appropriately titled Awkward Family Photos.

As much as we love the photos the guys show us, we’ve always been curious about the ones left behind. We asked Doug Chernack and Mike Bender to share with us their favorite Awkward Family Photos that for various reasons just couldn’t be posted to the site or published in a book. Then, to have even more fun, we asked Jenny Fine from the NerdTerns (debuting on the Nerdist Channel on September 15th!) to draw depictions of the described photos without ever seeing the pictures.

Here’s Mike to tell us about their top five unseen Awkward Family Photos:

“Awkward Family Photos is a celebration of awkwardness, but every now and then, we get a photo that is too awkward, too strange, or way too naked for us to post. Here are our top five favorites and we’ll leave the visuals to your imagination.”

#5 Beach Blanket Bingo

A family poses for a photo on the beach. Little do they know that a naked suntanning man bares all in the background… and yes, his legs are spread.

#4 Roadkill

A couple dressed in black tie posing on the side of the road next to a dead moose.


#3 Breast Nog

A holiday photo of a father, mother, and her two twin babies. What’s awkward about that, you may ask? Well, the mother has her shirt pulled up revealing her breasts. There is a pasty over one nipple and one of the twin’s mouths over the other. While it’s bizarre, it certainly conveys the spirit of the season of giving.

#2 Superfans

An open casket funeral photo. Let’s just say that the people in the photo are such big Ohio football fans that they are forming the letters O-H-I-O. We’ll let you guess what letter the old man in the casket is.

#1 Slip’nSlide

Simply put, it’s a photo of a water birth… in a plastic kiddie pool… in the kitchen.

Awkward Family Photos premieres today on the Nerdist Channel. You can see more of Jenny Fine’s art on her website, follow her on Twitter (@jfineoriginal) and see her in the upcoming Nerdist Channel show NerdTerns, premiering September 15th.

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  1. rajan dharni says:

    these are awesome. jenny fine is a begenius. not sure exactly what that means, but it sounds like one step above a genius, so, fuck yeah.

  2. Pam says:

    I love her drawings. I think these are alot better then what may be on the originals lol. Some naked men dont have the best looking shlongs!