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James Corden is a biscuit. And not just because he’s — as he so claims — “90% biscuit.” It’s because he’s an adorable nugget of a human just bursting at the seams with aww shucksy enthusiasm and unbridled British giggles. And he was also a total peach when he stopped by his soon-to-be new home, The Late Late Show, in order to introduce himself to the series’ outgoing host, Craig Ferguson. In fact we’d go so far as to call him the new King of Cute in Late Night — but also that might be something he’d really rather not have us say for fear of it sticking. Oh well.

Still! There’s no denying just how adorable Corden’s nerves were when faced with throwing to commercial by himself (spoiler alert: he did so quite well), or when our beloved CraigyFerg went to bat for Corden against the evil Internet meanies (seriously how could anyone have anything negative to say about Stormageddon’s dad? To say nothing of that FACE!). See? There’s no bad blood here — even if Corden IS English.

It’s hard to say goodbye to Ferguson, who’s off-the-cuff interview sensibility has very frequently produced some truly terrific stuff, but dag nabit if that wee li’l Corden doesn’t feel like a delightful injection of something fun and wildly different from both his predecessor and his would-be competitor, Seth Meyers. We’re charmed, OK? We admit it!

So: James Corden’s iteration of The Late Late Show premieres on March 9th. Ferguson is actually shooting his final two episodes today (Thursday), the last of which — featuring an episode-long interview with Jay Leno — will air on Friday.

What do you think of Corden? Let us know in the comments.

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  1. Momz says:

    I absolutely LOVE James Corden, loved him in DW, The Wrong Mans, etc.  I can’t wait for Into The Woods, and wish he’d start the show BEFORE March!

  2. Stacey M. says:

    James Cordon is funny, smart and was fantastic in Doctor Who! He seems enthusiastic and humble about taking over Craig’s show- and that makes me love him even more. I look forward to seeing what he brings to late night and seeing how his set changes! Congratulations!

  3. dt says:

    Omg! He is so adorable! Lol

  4. dubh says:

    he is sooooo adorable!! love him 🙂
    hope he will invite Matt Smith someday :3

  5. K says:

    how can anyone have anything against him?
    because what you just saw was the persona he gets paid millions to play, behind that, anybody who’s followed his antics in Britain knows he’s actually a nasty little shit

  6. Okiebb says:

    I Like Him A Lot!

  7. Okiebb says:

    I Like Him!

  8. E says:

    I’m a James Corden fan, have been for a while, but I never would have expected this- I would have assumed he’s slightly too high percentage of biscuit to do something like late night. I love Craig’s version of the show because I think he’s very good at playing with the formula. Yes, I will probably cry tomorrow. But from his commercial break throw, it looks like James is gonna make for a delightful, wacky, biscuitey host. I just hope that he’s gonna go all-out and make the show completely his own. I hope the only thing he copies from Craig is the sense of irreverence for the status quo and a willingness to change things up.

  9. Caitlin says:

    I love him so much! I’m definitely going to watch the show now. (Not that I have a problem with Craig, he’s lovely, I just haven’t had the motivation to constantly watch the show.)

  10. Caitlin says:

    I love him so much! I’m definitely going to watch the show now. (Not that I have a problem with Craig, I just didn’t have the motivation to try and constantly watch the show.)

  11. erin says:


  12. Hubbard says:

    I just can’t stop thinking about the fact that this guy is leaving the fame he has in England to come do a nightly chat show in an awful time slot, for probably at least seven years. I wish him all the best. He co-stars and co-created a short series called THE WRONG MANS, it’s on HULU, EVERYONE GO WATCH, It’s pretty funny. 

  13. Kasandra says:

    James will be adorable in his own way, I’m sure.  But I’m still in shock over Craig’s departure.  He’s the only talk show I watch too.  I’ll miss seeing his sexy, naughty face doing his naughty german accent with Geoff (aka Klaus) Peterson egging him on to fits of giggles (…”sometimes our logs touch”).  Craig is smart, honest, and totally entertaining.  And although I am watching Celebrity Name Game, it’s not a format that allows his true genius to shine.  I hope he finds what he’s looking for and would love to see him acting again.  Best of Luck to James, but man, will I miss CraigyFerg!!!!!!!

  14. Kasandra says:

    I’ve loved Craig for a long time – but Corden is  adorable too.  I love him as a guest on BBC talk shows I’ve seen him on.  He’ll certainly bring in a younger demographic and that can’t hurt, but I’m still in shock that I won’t be able to see Craig’s sexy, naughty face every night and hear Geoff make Craig laugh with some bit – “sometimes our logs touch….”   Geoff Peterson aka Klaus, you too will also be sorely missed….Bwaaaahahahahahaaaa!  ; ( 

  15. Danni says:

    He’s so lobstonomous! Oooh please have Jack Whitehall on as a guest, too! 

  16. Kelly says:

    I’ve always liked him so this will be a treat. 

  17. Jennifer says:

    He seems good, but I am gonna miss Craig very much. Are rumors true? Is he going to host a game show???

    • Hel says:

      Craigy has been hosting Celebrity Name Game for months now.  Give it a watch. I’m going to miss him terribly on late night but I do love James.  Criagy is the only talk show I’ll watch currently.  
      I hope James can carry the show and that he won’t be “just another late night douche.” Maybe Stormageddon will visit.

  18. richard says:

    You hear that? It’s  CRAIG , not cregg. You americans really need to learn talk proper like us brits does.

  19. SouthSide Rob says:

    Seems like a likable biscuit. But he’s going to have to remake a show that never did well before Fergy. No robot, no horse…. and I wonder if they will leave the set just as they did when Craig took over.

    I will give it a chance because Seth doesn’t do much at all for me and it’s just another Lorne Michael’s show done like everything else he does. 

  20. Love!
    I am so excited. I fell in love with this guy when he was on Doctor Who, and then it continued in THE WRONG MANS. SO GOOD. 

  21. Karen Graham says:

    I will definitely watch him.  He’s so adorable and sweet.   

  22. kim says:

    i love him – will totally watch that show now 

  23. kim says:

    L O V E. … i will totally watch that show now 

  24. Robo-Kelly says:

    He’s adorable!  I say, let’s keep him!