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The Package is Uh, Secure in Red-band THE INTERVIEW Trailer

The newest red-band trailer for the next Seth Rogen/James Franco team-up, The Interview, has me wondering if Sony has finally decided to tuck it back when it comes to pushing the whole assassinating-Kim-Jong-Un thing in the marketing for the comedy.

In the new trailer, we get to meet Franco’s profane entertainment news host, Dave Skylark, along with his fed-up producer, Aaron Rapoport (Rogen), who wants to get back to doing hard news. The opportunity falls right into their laps when they learn that the North Korean dictator, Kim (Randall Park) is looking for someone in the Western press to interview him. But then C.I.A. Agent Lacey (Lizzy Caplan) shows up asking the guys to kill Kim (and somehow gets the boys to agree).

It makes sense that we’re getting a more story-heavy trailer than the one from earlier this summer that really pushed the weirdness of the Democratic Republic of Korea. That trailer drew the ire of the DPRK, with representatives from the Hermit Kingdom threatening to retaliate in some unspecified way if Sony didn’t halt the release of the December film.

Well, clearly, the studio isn’t doing any such thing, but there were rumors back in August that effects team was hard at work making edits which would remove DPRK military insignias (which the North Korean government does not allow to be shown in film). The same report also claimed that the studio planned to scrub a little of the violence against Kim in the film, notably a scene where his face is melted off.

In the meantime, enjoy Seth Rogen having to hide a spy device and Rob Lowe baring all on national TV. The Interview will be in theaters December 25, 2014.

[via Entertainment Weekly]

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  1. Julie says:

    Damn you, misleading headline! DAMN YOU.