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What Secrets Are in the AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR Poster?

Last week’s Marvel Studios panel at San Diego Comic-Con left us with a treasure trove of previews and tidbits from the upcoming MCU. But beyond the reprise of the D23 Avengers: Infinity War footage, the most intriguing reveal was the newest Infinity War concept poster that features nearly every hero who has appeared in the MCU to date! Today’s Nerdist News is examining that poster, piece by piece, to find every single clue about the next Marvel epic.

There are potential spoilers ahead for Infinity War! If you’ve seen the newest trailer for Thor: Ragnarok or you’ve at least read about the Infinity War footage, then there’s nothing too shocking here. But if you want to remain completely unspoiled then now would be a good time to turn back.

Avengers: Infinity War

Join host and advance scout for the Kree invasion, Jessica Chobot, as she walks us through the Infinity War poster. On the left side, Thor and Loki are paired with four of the Guardians of the Galaxy, including tween Groot. From D23, we know how the Guardians discover Thor after he was left for dead, but we don’t know how Loki factors into this story. The Ragnarok trailer suggests that Loki ultimately stands with Asgard and his brother in the final battle, but he may be back to his old tricks if the D23 trailer’s menacing shot of him holding the Tesseract is any indication.

Next, we see what may be the “Secret Avengers” roster of Falcon, Steve Rogers, and Black Widow. Remember, Steve left his Captain America identity behind at the end of Civil War, so his new costume is free of patriotic imagery. Black Widow also went on the run in that movie, which may be why she’s rocking the new hair color. As far as we know, Nebula still won’t be a member of the Guardians, but her placement next to Gamora and Mantis suggests that the children of Thanos will reunite not only with each other, but also the Black Order. We think some battles between the siblings are inevitable, and we’re looking forward to it!

Spider-Man Homecoming Opening

It appears that Spider-Man is going to be wearing that high tech costume he was offered at the end of Homecoming, since it’s pretty clear that a threat like Thanos means all hands are on deck. That includes War Machine, who appears to be fully mobile again and it even means the Winter Soldier is back out of the deep freeze. Judging from the look of his arm, it appears that Black Panther’s scientists replaced the cybernetic limb that Tony Stark destroyed in Civil War. Stark also appears to be wearing a new and updated Iron Man armor, although it didn’t seem to do him much good against Thanos!

Finally, it appears that Vision and the Scarlet Witch are going to get over their differences, as their placement together suggests that a romance may finally unfold. That would be true to the comics, but since Vision’s very existence is linked to the Soul Stone, we could be in for a very tragic showdown in which he inevitably loses that object to Thanos.

What do you think about our Infinity War poster breakdown? Share your thoughts in the comment section below!

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