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These “Loko” Pies are Literal Works of Nerdy Art

Those things in the picture above are what we normally recognize as pies. Foil tin, pastry on top and below, and some kind of edible filling stuffed inside. You’re gonna eat the thing anyway, and when you’re hungry, that’s what counts.

Or so we thought. Not that it doesn’t still count, mind you, but if your dinner/dessert can give you a few minutes of “How did they do THAT?” eye-joy first, isn’t that an amazing bonus?

Like this:

Major bonus points for bad puns, always, because you can take your average everyday pie, but we’re running in circles of joy now because this pie is squared, y’all. Lauren Ko, a.k.a. Loko Kitchen, has a whole Instagram dedicated to showing off her works of edible art, and yes, they are art. Here’s proof:

And here’s a Canadian Death Star. Fully armed and operational, eh?

We found Lauren’s pie pics via Bored Panda, and now we want somebody to hurry up and invent Wonka-vision so they can come through the screen and into our greedy hands. But if half the pleasure is in looking at these delectables before eating them, well…head to her Instagram for a 50% fix.

Is your crusty hearted warmed and filled by the possibilities? Let’s slice it all up in comments below.

Featured Image: Flickr/Chilanga Cement


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