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Recipe Recreates Rachel’s Terrible FRIENDS Trifle But Actually Tastes Good

Friends might be the GOAT television show for Thanksgiving episodes, and one of its most memorable Turkey Day moments was the year Rachel tried to make a traditional English trifle. When two pages got stuck together it resulted in her accidentally creating a half dessert/half shepherd’s pie monstrosity that only someone with the appetite of Joey could keep down. But if you’d like to recreate that iconic TV dish this holiday season without making all of your guests gag, a new recipe has the perfect way to get the exact same look as hers while tasting delicious.

This recipe from Bren Did has all of the good parts of Rachel’s recipe, but replaces the sauteed beef with peas and onions that ruined her dish by replacing them with sweet lookalikes. Instead of ground beef it calls for unsweetened coconut flakes mixed with Nutella, which looks just like cooked meat. And in lieu of onions and peas, it uses diced canned pears and kiwi pieces balled with a straw.

The result is a trifle that looks just like Rachel’s, but without being vile in every way.

This is perfect to make for your fellow Friends loving guests, but if you serve it without telling anyone it really is a dessert–so they think there’s actually ground beef in it–you can find out who among your friends and family is willing to tell you the truth no matter how painful, and who will literally eat garbage to avoid hurting your feelings.

Because as you can see from this new video from the great YouTube channel Binging With Babish, voluntarily eating the version Rachel made is utterly disgusting.

If someone ever served us that,  we’d hate Thanksgiving as much as Chandler.

What other famous failed TV food would you like to get a similar lookalike but tasty recipe for? Cook up your best ideas in the comments below.

Featured Image: NBC

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