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Artist Recreates the World of FUTURAMA in 3D

Futurama may currently be off the air, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t far from forgotten. Fan and artist Alexey Zakharov reminds us of just how awesome Futurama is thanks to his 3D rendition of the animated series.

While we don’t get a glimpse of the cast, we do see the world of Futurama bustling in all of its interstellar awesomeness. It’s incredibly stunning and makes me wish that Matt Groening would get the series back on the boob tube.

Check out the quick video below:

If that’s not enough for you, here’s another quick video of the Planet Express ship:

Zakharov’s CGI take on the Planet Express ship and its atmosphere is packed with so much detail that if the world in the 31st century actually turns out to be like this, I wouldn’t be surprised. You can seriously feel the grit and inhale the smog of New New York while basking in all of its magnificent colors!

If you’re in need of more awe-inspiring visuals, take a look at some of his still art below that’s all types of wallpaper-worthy.




How do you feel about this realistic take of Futurama? Zap your thoughts into the comments below.

HT: Behance

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  1. Benjamin says:

    I think that was the soundtrack to Forrest Gump.

  2. Addison Loda says:

    I’m tearing up right now.

  3. Dave says:

    I already did!

  4. Mike says:

    Why not Zoidberg?

  5. jon G says:

    My God! It’s as sensual as I am!

  6. Mind blown! O_OAny posters or prints somewhere availible on this?

  7. This is amazing, and must’ve taken forever to complete.  As a die-hard Futurama fan, I truly appreciate everything that Zakharov put into this, and highly respect both his talent and his passion.  Great job!

  8. FancyPants says:

    I’m slightly disappointed that the ship didn’t crash into a display, otherwise – AWESOME.

  9. TJ Heesch says:

    a live-action FUTURAMA movie just came one step closer to becoming a reality

  10. JR says:

    Are there posters of this available to buy? This is awesome.