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Artist Brilliantly Imagines STRANGER THINGS as an Adventure Game

Be advised, there are visual spoilers for Stanger Things in the GIFs below. Proceed into the unknown at your own risk.

The last time we saw the work of Jacob Janerka, a game designer currently working on an ’80s sci-fi point-and-click adventure called Paradigm, he had mocked up a hilarious point-and-click version of Seinfeld. With a large cast, recognizable items, and unforgettable dialogue, it was a perfect fit. But then we stumbled across Janerka’s latest mock-up.


Posted to Reddit yesterday, Janerka has again expertly crafted a few frames of a point-and-click adventure game, this time with Netflix’s excellent sci-fi series Stranger Things. The first few frames show Hopper and Joyce in her Christmas-lit home, a cursor able to scroll over items in the room (“Pick up pills”).


The other frames show what 11 calls “the Upside Down.” Again, the pixels both capture the essence of the show, distilling it down do its base elements, and add their own style to the familiar visual cues.

Below, the frames are stitched together and add a little surprise: the demigorgon. Do not look at the GIF below if you haven’t watched the first few episodes of Stranger Things and do not want to have anything at all spoiled.



Yeah, how freaking amazing does this look? Like the Seinfeld mock-up, Janerka has no plans to make this into a full game; it’s just a fun diversion. Still, we would play this in a heartbeat, especially if it had the pulsing soundtrack from the show playing in the background.

What do you think? Would you play this game, what are some of the missions you’d be excited to try in point-and-click format? Let us know in the comments below!

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