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AQUAMAN’s True Villain According to James Wan

Now that the fervent fans that queued for days to get into Hall H have finally seen James Wan’s vibrant vision of Atlantis and super son Arthur Curry, the first trailer for Aquaman has washed ashore online for all to see. From what we’ve seen, Wan promises an epic adventure that spans the seven seas but is full of drama and heart.

That’s exactly what he told us when we spoke to him at San Diego Comic-Con where the director opened up about the true antagonist of his inevitable blockbuster.

Arthur Curry has long been one of the more niche heroes of the DC universe, with a smaller rogues gallery and less immediately recognizable story arcs to the average fan. His history is vibrant, though, and his story is reminiscent of classical Shakespearean tragedy, steeped in family drama. That was something entirely present in Wan’s mind when he began thinking of who the villain in Aquaman would be.

“The one thing I really want to clarify is, because a lot of people talk about Black Manta, but my main antagonist is Patrick Wilson‘s King Orm,” Wan said. “I felt that I needed this to be a personal story, and a personal story for Arthur is his relationship with his half brother.”

King Orm (aka Ocean Master) being the main villain might come as a surprise to fans of the comics because Aquaman’s most famous antagonist is Black Manta (who is played by Yahya Abdul-Mateen II in the film), but Wan assures fans that the helmeted baddie is still integral to the film. “Arthur has a personal thing with Black Manta, and maybe hat’s something we can explore down the line, if we’re lucky enough. Black Manta is tied into the main narrative of this movie, but it’s really King Orm that Aquaman goes up against,” Wan revealed.

Patrick Wilson (Orm) on the set of the Conjuring 2 with director James Wan

We’re super excited to see Wan’s fantastic vision to come to life when the film hits in December!

Did you get a glimpse of Jason Momoa on the show floor this afternoon? Were you lucky enough to be in Hall H to watch the trailer? Just really love Black Manta? Let us know below!

Images: DC Comics, New Line Cinema, Warner Bros., Header art by Paul Pelletier

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