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Anthropomorphic Cannibalism: Food So Good That It Eats Itself

Anyone from the South has seen it: the sketchy-ass building, smoke billowing out from behind the dumpster, and, best of all, the terrible, MS paint-drawn logo of a pig chowing down on some baby back ribs, preferably itself in a bed of flames. Apparently it’s a rule that every barbecue joint has to illustrate the excellence of its product by filling its customers’ heads with images of animals so delicious that they themselves can’t help but eating their deliciously smoked brethren.

I’ve always had a weird fascination with this kind of thing, and apparently there are many others on the internet who share my curiosity. I thought I’d compile some pictures of anthropomorphic cannibalism that I’ve come across, for anyone else on the internet who finds animals preparing themselves for consumption as weirdly fascinating as I do (you know you’ve all secretly marveled at it).

All of the pictures below are either via agmilmoe‘s Flickr group, Anthropomorphic Cannibalism or the Facebook group, Anthropomorphic Cannibalism is Unsettling.

Apparently, eating your own kind knows not the boundaries of class:

Nor does it know language barriers:

There also seems to be an unsettling trend of painting giant chickens, uh, preparing other chickens for rotisseries and such. I wonder what Foghorn Leghorn would think about this. I say.

This is mostly filed under the category of “what”

There is also a special subset of anthropomorphic cannibalism that concerns a food that loves itself so much that it doesn’t just eat one of its kind, it actually eats ITSELF. It is nicely showcased in this highly annoying video for something called Giga Pudding. Watching the bucket-sized pudding jiggle wildly on the plate actually made me gag. Enjoy:

Or this poor bowl of udon noodles. This seems like some kind of awful Saw-ian torture.

Mmmm…I kind of want ribs now…

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  1. I don’t know what Giga Pudding is, but those kids are really good actors.

  2. Fritz McDonald says:

    Eduardo Saverin’s chicken.

  3. smartbunny says:

    Also, ads where the anthropomorphic food WANTS to be eaten by humans, as if it’s some kind of honor. I never understood or liked how M&M’s Minis would fly into people’s mouths, all happy to be masticated and turned into eventual poo. Don’t do it, Minis! Stay alive!

    Cluckin’ Chicken: “Turn me into waste matter!”

  4. uncanny expat says:

    I’ve had Giga Pudding. Basically it’s a giant flan/custard pudding kit that comes in a bucket, and it’s 20x the size of regular pudding cups they sell in the supermarkets here.

    This article reminds me of the fake commercial from SNL in the early-mid 90s which had an animated chicken talk about himself going through the cooking process at a fast-food place and how delicious he was.

    Also, there’s a blog devoted to pictures like these: Maybe not the only one?

  5. That pudding song is going to be stuck in my head all morning. Thank you.
    I’d like to think that the udon bowl is actually going to feed ME!

  6. Deltus says:

    I recall a story I heard (unverified) that Stephen King once went over to greet a new neighbor, who happened to be a doctor. While they were sitting enjoying a beverage, Stephen asked him, “How far do you think a person could get, cannibalizing themselves from the feet up, before they died?” He explained that it was research for a new story. I don’t know the doctor’s answer, or how much longer the social visit lasted.

  7. courtney says:

    once, as a kid, i saw this poppa hamburger eating his little mini offspring and it made me cry. why these people think it’s acceptable to do this is beyond me.

  8. Oh man, I remember that show! It flew a bit over my head as a youngin, but in revisiting it now on Youtube, I am realizing that it is awesome.

  9. Chris Hardwick says:

    Robert Smigel’s short-lived but incredible show “TV Funhouse” had a restaurant called “Sames” where all of the animals on the show would hang out. The motto of the joint was “You eat what you are,” so the duck had a giant roast duck in front of him and so on.

    I miss that show.