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An Artist Turns Shia LaBeouf into Every Doctor Because He Could

In an example of the Internet finally becoming self-aware like Skynet, an artist has brought two incredibly popular web things together in glorious, oil-painted wonder. Perhaps feeding off of Shia LaBeouf‘s pleas for people to “Just Do It!” in a more forceful way than Nike’s swoosh ever could, an artist named Brandon Bird has done a series of portraits of Mr. LaBeouf as each of Doctor Who‘s iconic lead characters. All 13 of them. Why? I dunno, cuz? What more reason do you need?!?!?!

Twelfth Shia LaBeouf

It’s actually pretty amazing how versatile Shia LaBeouf’s face is with regard to making him fit all of the Doctor’s many incarnations. I mean, he does sort of work as the Twelfth Doctor; his visage seems perfect for the Third, Seventh, and Tenth as well. He’s youthful enough to properly convey the Eighth and Fifth Doctor’s charming looks, and yet can be world-weary and haggard enough for the War and Ninth Doctors. It’s kind of perfect. He even makes a good First Doctor, which is especially surprising. Full gallery below.

Bird did each of the portraits using oil paint on a canvas and is selling each of those originals for $425.00 (the War Shia LaBeouf is already sold), but in case you don’t have $5,100.00 to buy the other 12, he’s offering signed prints of them all for $25 apiece. You know, provided you want to hang them in your house to frighten away any attacking Daleks or friends who aren’t at all motivated to better their lives. The paintings will surely do both.

My favorite thing about them is, on his site, Bird has written descriptions of each Doctor but replaced the word “Doctor” with “Shia LaBeouf.” It’s hilarious.

Pour example:

Described by producers as “C.S. Lewis meets Father Christmas,” the First Shia LaBeouf set the standard for every subsequent portrayal. Wry, cantankerous, and oftentimes mercurial, he nevertheless declared himself a champion of good whenever faced with evil.

That’s just good, weird fun.

Let us know which Shia LaBeouf is YOUR Shia LaBeouf in the comments below!

ALL IMAGES: Brandon Bird
HT: Laughing Squid


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