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AMERICAN HORROR STORY Drops Four New Teasers and a Poster

Ryan Murphy and the producers of American Horror Story are being super enigmatic in regards to what the theme will be for this year’s season of the hit anthology show on FX. So far, they’ve dropped some 15 teasers for the upcoming season six, each focusing on a different subgenre of horror. We’ve had ’50s creature feature, evil demon babies, some Texas Chainsaw Massacre style horror, and even some classic gothic spookiness.

Apparently, only one of these teasers we’ve seen so far is actually indicative of what the new season will be about, and all the others are just red herrings. Of course, this hasn’t stopped AHS fans from concocting elaborate theories on how all these teasers contain hints to what the season will be. Several sites remain totally convinced that the teasers all point to this season as being based on the Manson Family murders (although wouldn’t that be a better fit for Murphy’s sister series, American Crime Story?)

Now FX has dropped yet another four teasers for this season, bringing the total to 19, and they’re all as eerie as you’d expect. Say what you want about American Horror Story, i.e. that the show is often plot soup, and you can tell every year that the writers have no idea how to end the darn thing, etc. Having said that, however, their teasers and opening credits for every single season have always been totally on point and super creepy. This latest batch is no exception.

The first new teaser, technically #16, which you can see above, shows an eyeball inside an open mouth. It kind of reminds me of that moment in A Nightmare on Elm St. 2, but I’m sure that’s just a coincidence. I have a feeling this one isn’t going to be indicative of anything in the new season; it just looks disturbing, so they shot it.

Teaser #17 has a head covered by a sheet, breathing heavily, kind of like a possessed Lily Taylor in The Conjuring. It’s unsettling, but like most things on AHS, it just reminds you of stuff you’ve seen in other movies already. I’d chalk this one up to another probable red herring.

Teaser #18 is very evocative of J-Horror, what with the creepy bathroom and the woman with no face. Could we see a Japanese-horror inspired season this year?

Finally, teaser #19 has the previously seen woman with the eyeball in her mouth, but now with the added creepiness of having a spider come out of it. Because why not.

So far, the only thing really connecting all these teasers is the sound of what seems like a little girl humming a creepy tune. Whatever the secret to the season’s theme is, I bet it’s within the creepy music, and not the images.

FX also just dropped a new teaser poster for the sixth season, via Entertainment Weekly, which shows some kind of Pan-like goat creature. You can see the image below. Is this yet another red herring, or is this the season’s big bad? Regardless, it’s a cool image. Congrats, Ryan Murphy….you’ve got all of us AHS fans on a wild goose chase.

American Horror Story season six premieres Wednesday, September 14th on FX.

Do you have any guesses as to what this season of AHS will be? Please let us know your theories in the comments below.

Images: FX Network

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