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Bryan Fuller Reveals AMERICAN GODS Concept Art

It took nearly 15 years, but Neil Gaiman’s American Gods finally escaped development hell this week when Starz gave it the series greenlight. Thankfully, we didn’t have to wait as many years to get a first glimpse at what the show might look like — even if it is still a long way from reaching our TV screens.

Coming to us from Hannibal mastermind and Pushing Daisies creator, Bryan Fuller, the images depict the delightful darkness of the novel in a way that can only be described as Fulleresque. The TV auteur will be sharing showrunning duties on American Gods with Michael Green (Heroes), and executive producing with Gaiman.

American Gods was released in 2001 as a novel that chronicled a conflict between the old Gods and a new breed of Gods who were given form by the modern world’s love of technology, drugs, celebrity, and greed. The central character is an ex-con named Shadow Moon, who finds himself acting as a bodyguard for Mr. Wednesday — one of the old Gods who is going on a cross-country road trip to marshall his forces for the coming God war.


American Gods Bow Down

Fuller posted this poster-like image on Twitter and wrote “(ON YOUR KNEES (with your prayers).”

As a follow up, Fuller wrote “Find us in the #BoneOrchard” as he released the following stunning image from artist Jim Carson.

American Gods Bone Orchard
Gaiman responded to that post by writing “So that’s a YES, then. Here you go. I love this painting. It’s of Shadow’s dream of the #boneorchard.” So guess that means everyone is super on-board? Because we certainly are!

Casting for American Gods has already begun, but neither a start date for production nor a premiere date have been announced.

What do you think about the concept art? Share your thoughts in the comment section below!

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