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AMA Recap: Mark Gatiss Allows Us to Do With Him What We Will

With his involvement in so many shows with downright cult-y followings, it’s no surprise that Mark Gatiss‘s Reddit AMA this morning brought the question-askers out in droves. Over the course of an hour, more than 1700 comments were submitted, and we’ve rounded up a few of our favorites. It was hard to pick from all the personal stories, the specifics about Doctor Who and Sherlock, and the questions about the changing nature of television and entertainment consumption. And that doesn’t even take into account all the usual fun, random questions that redditors come up with for these events!

(Click through to read the full comment thread!)

On meeting his partner in crime, Steven Moffat, and the weirdest thing he can share about him:How did you meet Moffat?

Steven Moffat embarassing

On working on An Adventure in Space and Time:

Adventures in Space and Time

 On Peter Capaldi as the new Doctor:

What Do You Love Most About the New Doctor?

 On the relative evilness of the Daleks vs. Moriarty (and he said no cross-over could ever happen!):

Who's more evil

 On his personal favorite moments from both Sherlock and Doctor Who:

Favorite moments

On writing for television and those pesky deadlines:

TV writing breaking in

 Screen Shot 2014-09-05 at 5.36.15 PM

He has good points on the changing nature of entertainment… and apparently eats ghosts:

New Age of Broadcasting

 And yes. He knows you think he’s mean for “The Fall”:


 Don’t ask him particulars about the houses on Game of Thrones:

How was it on Game of Thrones

 And it’s not a Reddit AMA if there aren’t a few non-show questions:

weirdest thing about you Weirdest thing that's happened to you

 Because people want to know the last meal you would choose:

Final Meal

And finally, the question and answer that made us all go “awwwww”:


We love the Reddit community and wonderful questions that pop out of their brains fully formed. Even more, we love a good AMA where the person answering questions has a sense of humor and appreciates their audience. We just, ah, won’t be trying to break into TV writing anytime soon, okay Gatiss? Promise!

What’s the question you wish you had the chance to ask Mark Gatiss? Tell us in the comments below!

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