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All the Best Jeff Goldblum Noises in One Supercut

Take the average Jeff Goldblum fan—so, any living person, I suppose—and ask them what exactly they love so much about the guy. Chances are they’ll be able to rattle off a number of things: the way he breaks into song mid-interview, his impeccable taste in both cardigans and glasses, how gracious he is to his thirstiest followers, that time he played the Big Bad Wolf on Faerie Tale Theatre in 1985, that sort of thing. And those are all valid explanations for one’s admiration of the man.

Still, it’s undeniable that there’s one thing that sets Goldblum sets him apart from anyone else to grace the silver screen: his stammers, stutters, snickers, and other sounds. If you’re unconvinced that Goldblum’s vocal tics (colloquially referred to as Goldblumisms) are the best in the biz, then take a gander at this impeccably crafted supercut from Owenergy Studios and see if it doesn’t change your mind.

Given the sheer variety of these clips, I think we can all acknowledge that whatever material he has to work with—from Cats & Dogs and Portlandia to Independence Day and Jurassic Park—Goldblum makes it better with the sheer power of his vocalizations.

Kudos to the fine folks at Owenergy for straying from their niche of videos spotlighting Owen Wilson’s signature “Wow!” and for recognizing that Goldblum’s laugh is the most powerful weapon in his arsenal. If you simply cannot wait to hear it, that magic begins at 2:51. Take it from me, someone who once did a five-minute PowerPoint presentation on the Ian Malcolm laugh at a Goldblum trivia night. (Life is a rich tapestry.)

I’m confident this isn’t the last Goldblum supercut we see. Hopefully a collection of “Goldblum cuddles an animal” scenes won’t be too far behind.

What’s your favorite Goldblum tic? Let us know in the comments!

Images: YouTube/Owenergy

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