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‘All Out of Bubblegum’ John Carpenter Tribute Show at Burbank’s Hyaena Gallery

This month at Hyaena Gallery, L.A.’s gallery for dark and low brow art located in Burbank, the “All Out of Bubblegum” tribute show to one of the great masters of horror, John Carpenter, is being featured. Displaying art from over two dozen artists, “All Out of Bubblegum” is a mixture of sculpture, paintings and sketches inspired by Carpenter’s films. The imagery runs the span of the director and composers work, including pieces inspired by the made-for-TV movie Elvis, starring Kurt Russell, to horror classics like Halloween, The Fog, and The Thing, and later cult favorites like In the Mouth of Madness and They Live.

robert heckman_the king

“The King” by Robert Heckman

James Bonner The Thing

“The Thing” by James Bonner

mark covell_ sixmustdie

“Six Must Die” by Mark Covell

megan kelly_ mouth

“Mouth” by Megan Kelly

Hyaena Gallery owner Bill Shafer has been doing tribute shows since 2011 and Charlie Sheen’s infamous “Winning!” pop culture phenomenon. “It was our anniversary show and I wanted to do something kind of fun and I was just really amused with Charlie Sheen, so we put it together in two weeks and then Charlie found out about it, ended up coming and was just blown away by it.” This began the tradition of the Hyaena tribute show with directors like Guillermo del Toro and Wes Craven also getting exhibits, although Bill’s relationships with both del Toro and Craven go back further. Speaking about del Toro, Shafer said, “He’s been a customer here for years and he’s always been so supportive of anything artistic, you know, especially in the darker and weirder realms. He’s totally into it.”

Shafer continued, “With Wes Craven, he had been really good to us in the past. In Scream 4 he had included a bunch of our art from our artists in this whole big barn scene where they had Stabfest. Most of that came from us and then before the movie came out we did an exhibit of that stuff and Wes totally gave us his blessing and helped promote it and it did really well and you, know signed a bunch of stuff for us. He’s just always been good to us and I’ve been kind of toying with the idea of doing filmmaker tributes for years now.”

“All Out of Bubblegum” runs until April 30 at Hyaena Gallery, and after that, what’s up next? “In two months we have [Krawczyk] Stanislav, he’s an artist from the Ukraine that we’ve done really well with in the past. We’re trying to actually get him out of Ukraine now to come down here for the exhibit. Ukraine is in this civil war, it’s awful… But it’d be good to have him out here. He always gets a great reception in the U.S. with his art. In October, we have a pretty big show with an artist in Mexico that Guillermo del Toro is actually going to bring in for us and host, introduce him to the American market. We do one major show every month. We got a small True Romance pop up exhibit next month to coincide with the anniversary [of the release] and across the street is The Safari.”

Explains Shafer, “It’s just stuff I love. And I’d never seem a gallery that catered to what I want to see… I wanted to show you can have quality things, you don’t have to break the bank for it and this stuff is all around us, you just gotta find it, put it together and show people.” He continues, “If you spend enough time in the gallery you’re going to see, we’re all over the place. There’s probably more Monty Python in here than Dracula. You’re going to get pin up art, you’re going to get serial killer, it’s whatever weird kind of thing that I’m into… I think people should know it’s not like a normal art gallery. We do things so different, we’re not uppity, there’s no stress here, we try to make art really accessible. We love pictures, its supposed to be a gallery for the normal person. Where you can feel comfortable, there’s stuff you love around you, I don’t know, it’s just a lot different than most galleries in those terms because we really do try to work with the normal, average person. Most galleries cater towards the elite. People who can’t afford a $20,000 painting, we have art from $5 to $10,000 so there’s something for everybody.”

“All Out of Bubblegum,” a Tribute To John Carpenter, runs until April 30 at Hyaena Gallery in Burbank. Visit their website for additional information, images, art and more.

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