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All Hail the King of the Monsters! It’s the GODZILLA Trailer

As expected from yesterday’s deluge of Godzilla goodness, Legendary Pictures and Warner Bros. have unveiled the new full-length Godzilla trailer and it’s guaranteed to get your kaijuices flowing. The trailer gives us a little bit of everything: nods to the original 1954 film, our most unimpaired glimpse of Godzilla yet (well, if you don’t count Empire’s cover), explosions and devastation galore, a decimated version of the Statue of Liberty replica in Las Vegas, Bryan Cranston acting as hard as he can, and plenty of ominous Inception-esque BWAAAAAAAAHM sounds. But why listen to me prattle on about the trailer when you can experience it for yourself?

Visually, the film looks pretty stunning, which is a feat unto itself, as I’m sure VFX teams are scrambling to polish the film for its May 16, 2014 release, and director Gareth Edwards is putting what he learned directing Monsters to good use. I’m really digging the way they’re connecting the 2014 film to the 1954 original. If the story is half as good as the trailer looks, then it looks like we’ll finally get the monster movie we’ve been waiting for.

Here’s hoping that the twist ending is that in order to defeat Godzilla, mankind had to construct Jaegers a la Pacific Rim. C’mon, they’re both Legendary properties, so why not create a super sweet kaiju crossover? Your move, development departments of America.

What do you think of the Godzilla trailer? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. Kaitlin says:


  2. Kevin Ritchey says:

    From the initial look of what’s shown, It seems like Sony is letting Toho run with this one after the horrible non-Godzilla they gave us last time. The only good thing about that pile was Jimmy Page’s music contribution, which I’m sure he now regrets doing. I’m once again worried that in this version they will not even retain the true voice of Godzilla. Everything else looks like it is in place but don’t mess with what has always worked. It is, in fact, the most recognized sound in the world.

  3. Ryan says:

    I think it might be Vegas. That’s why the mountains are there.

  4. rgrace says:

    A mountain behind the Status of Liberty? I think that’ll be filtered out during post production…

  5. Tyler says:

    Honestly, when I heard BWAAAAAAAAAAAAM, instantly: “Reapers?”

  6. EgoEquus says:

    Very nerdy! Nice use of the 2001:A Space Odyssey stargate score.

  7. Abe says:

    Personally, I’d want to have the question posed to Cransto’s character, “Can you do it? Can you kill Godzilla?” and have Cranston cry out, “YES! YES! I AM THE DANGER!”

  8. Taylor says:

    Godzilla Vs. Jaegers Vs. Predators Vs. Aliens Vs. Freddy Vs. Jason Vs. Brown Vs. Board of Education

  9. Dan Casey says:

    Listen, Don, just let me have my dreams, okay?

  10. Don says:

    Yeah, Dan, how about we wait a couple of films before we start diluting this new Godzilla franchise with crossovers?

  11. MrB says:

    Wow, Cranston gave me chills!
    I loved the King of Monsters when I was a kid, I cant wait to see him in all his glory again.