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Deluxe Hot Toys Obi-Wan Kenobi is Cradling Baby Luke

Star Wars saga hero Obi-Wan Kenobi poses quite the dilemma for toy companies, in that he never changes his clothes in the movies. Seriously, what old man do you know that has exactly the same fashion sense as he did in his twenties, wearing a religious warrior outfit even though the order that requires it has long since been destroyed? It’s not like he’s just hanging on to his old duds–they’d be super-ratty by the time of A New Hope. He’s had to have been actively making or buying clothes that look the same for many decades. And that suggests he’s never been married in canon.

Anyway, for toy companies, this often means you make one Obi-Ewan, and you’ve basically made every version. But not Hot Toys. Their latest deluxe Revenge of the Sith Obi-Wan comes insanely loaded with specific, super-detailed accessories. For one, there’s a freshly severed Battle Droid torso…


Then there’s this elaborate light-up hologram showing the official Sith-knighting of Darth Vader…

And of course, baby Luke! Oh, how swiftly the innocence fades into an angry old man who can’t even smile about Porgs. Maybe they remind him too much of his baby blankie. (For those asking “Where’s Leia?” that’ll have to wait till Hot Toys does Bail Organa, if they ever do.)

Like most Hot Toys figures, he comes with a base, but you can swap out the visual overlay from sci-fi corridor to…the high ground!

Oh yeah, and that lightsaber does actually light up.

Now you’ll be able to reenact the “He killed younglings” scene again and again. And make it look really cool

Bonus points, though, for every time a random guest thinks that this is a Bethlehem shepherd holding the baby Jesus, apparently from the most expensive holiday-themed toy line ever. Or, you know, if you’ve ever wanted to make a deluxe Star Wars themed Nativity, you know have the crucial piece.

Expect Obi-Wan to arrive around this time next year–you can preorder him now at most online stores for approximately $275. Credits…will be fine.

Will it take a Jedi mind trick, or are you already sold on this figure? Comment below and tell us.

Images: Hot Toys

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