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Aliens Now, Vampires Later (*for some of you)

Attack the Block

This weekend, if you live in most places in North America, I’m not that bothered what you see at ye olde movie house. No, really. Knock yourself out.

However, if you live in Los Angeles, New York, Seattle, Chicago, Austin, San Francisco, or Toronto (where it’s been out for weeks, so seriously, what are you waiting for?), and especially if you live in Boston, Orlando, Atlanta, Dallas, Phoenix or Washington D.C., where it opens today: See Attack the Block! Not merely because it is probably the best movie you’re going to see all year, but because I will stick my neck out right now and predict that it’s better than the remake of Fright Night.

More behind the cut, including the funniest six minutes of audio you will ever hear at Colin Farrell’s expense…

Here’s the thing: I’m not blogging this urgent plea out of any sort of spite for Fright Night, which I haven’t seen so I can’t truthfully say whether it’s good or not. Word on the street is that it’s quite good, indeed. I am, admittedly, a huge fan of the original, which was a horror fave of my childhood, so, of course, the initial gut reaction was, “Oh, come on, why?” Still, I will give them plenty of props for good casting and what appears to be an attempt to give it a fresh spin instead of tab-A into slot-B re-hashing of the original.

Still, for those cities listed above: I don’t care if it’s been tipped as a great remake, or if it has the Tenth Doctor and Li’l Chekhov and McLovin Red Mist or anything else… it’ll still be there next week. Or Sunday afternoon. You can see it later. Let the peeps in Iowa City and Boise and New Haven pump the phat dollars into its box office take. It’ll do fiiiine.

Attack the Block, on the other hand, I CAN vouch for. It’s insanely funny and shit-your-pants scary, brilliantly acted and directed, and exactly the kind of movie that deserves to build an audience who deeply crave quality, original genre film making. Sure, it’s plainly evident watching the film how inspired Joe Cornish was by the likes of Joe Dante, John Carpenter and Walter Hill, and he’ll be the first one to tell you that, but the story, the characters and the nuts and bolts of this excellent film are entirely his. Sorry, Fright Night, but even if you’ve given the old car a nifty, fresh coat of paint and you’ve done well by the reboot, I’ve got to trump you with South London’s bad-assed hoodie gang and creepy-crawly “gorilla-wolf muthafuckas.” The Hollywood remake machine still needs to have its ear tweaked in situations precisely like this one.

Now for the comedy bit: As some of you know, Joe Cornish has been one half (along with Adam Buxton) of a well-known comedy team in the UK for many years prior to directing his first feature. (I may have pointed this out before on this very site..) I was going to do this write up anyway, and then realized that Fright Night stars Colin Farrell… who just so happens to be the topic of one of the funniest bits I’ve ever heard Adam & Joe do, back on the show they did for London’s XFM prior to their more recent BBC 6 Music gig. “Oh, that has to go in the blog,” I said to myself. I am easily amused.

So listen, if you will, to Adam & Joe make an extremely roundabout (and incredibly funny) case for seeing Attack the Block because, as Adam so delicately puts it, Colin Farrell’s CV is “an absolute fart bucket.” Now, mind you, this was recorded in 2006 and to be fair not only to Fright Night but to old Colin himself, he’s done some excellent work since then. (In Bruges? Great performance.) And heck, I do really like Minority Report if I’m honest, though there’s extra comedy value in the fact that Joe has since worked with Steven Spielberg on the script for The Adventures of Tin Tin. Whoops! Aw, whatever, it’s playful ribbing. Uncle Steven’s got to have a great sense of humor!

WARNING: Seriously NSFW. Especially the last minute. But I defy you not to lose it at “Farrell Fucks Brush”:

(Also: “The Dust” sounds like Scatman Crothers. Ish? I heart you so hard, Cornish.)

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  1. Robin Burks says:

    Since there isn’t a showing of this movie anywhere near me, I saw Fright Night. And you know what? It was great!

  2. Willis says:

    Hell yeah man, this movie kicks so much ass as far as Fright Night goes…yeah I watched that back in the 80’s and it was good for its time…that movie about vampires in the theater currently…thats not Fright Night. Attack the lame Vampire movie by watching Attack the Block!!!!!

  3. Brian E. says:

    Happily I do live in one of the 1st batch of cities and saw it a few weeks ago. It’s FANTASTIC!!

    Go see it people!

  4. Laura says:

    If only I lived in one of those cities… 🙁

  5. snapthejap says:

    Attack The Block is EXCELLENT!! Do yourself a favor and see this film. Having a small budget and STILL managing to do an action/sci-fi/comedy (that is FAR better than Skyline/Battle: Los Angeles/Cowboys & Aliens) that is this original and this captivating, is a testament to the story and direction by Joe Cornish.

  6. Aaron says:

    Being in Oklahoma City, it’s not the end of the world but you can see it from here, I hope like hell Attack the Block gets a wide release so I can see it.