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ALIEN Xenomorph Cookie Jar Will Scare You Into Eating Healthy

Sometimes you feel like treating yourself to a little guilty pleasure, so you scurry off to the kitchen to grab a few Oreos, hoping no one will notice you indulging in a little late night snack, when all of a sudden an alien bursts out of your chest alerting everyone in the damn house to what you were doing.

That shouldn’t stop you from getting this ceramic Xenomorph cookie jar though, because it’s basically the opposite situation, where you store something important to you inside of it, instead of it storing an alien baby in your torso. [Editor’s Note: Oh, the metaphors at work.]

This officially licensed Alien cookie jar comes to us from ThinkGeek, and is the work of sculptor Paul Harding. It stands a foot tall and will run you $45 dollars. They guarantee it will “keep Predators away from your cookie stash,” although they do point out “if you have Predators, you have bigger problems” than cookie storage.

I can’t think of a better way to prevent that pesky late night noshing problem than by storing your cookies in a terrifying monster. Sure, during the day it will be easy to admire it for its craftsmanship, but at 2:00 a.m. in the dark? “Game over man! Game over!”

If you do grab one, we know just the cookies for you to put in them.

Unconfirmed reports say that they will soon have another cookie jar in the series, this one based on the movie Prometheus, where you won’t be able to get the lid off and nothing about it will make any sense, but those are just rumors.

What other science fiction monster would make for a good cookie jar? We’re hungry to hear your responses in the comments below.

Images: ThinkGeek

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