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Will You Attack This ALIEN Facehugger Cookie Before It Attacks You?

If multitalented people disgust you, then read no further… Los Angeles-based Christine McConnell is a professional stylist, artist, model, and photographer — and an amateur pastry chef. But McConnell’s pastries look better than those of most professional chefs, especially with the macabre twist she gives them. She makes cakes, cookies and other assorted delicacies that resemble spiders, man-eating plants, and even the iconic Alien Facehugger (pictured above). McConnell then photographs her creations and shares them on Flicker and Instagram, Here are two more examples of her confectionary wizardry…



As good as McConnell’s pastries look, her non-food photography looks even better. That’s partly due to the artist using herself as the subject of many photos. She brings the same irreverent panache to modeling — posing in costumes, settings, and situations familiar to every fright film fan, but making the imagery her own every time. According to Bored Panda, “her photographs and artworks have been displayed in magazines, billboards and national ad campaigns and she has worked as a stylist with celebrities for events and on film sets.” Below are some of her photos inspired by Ghostbusters and the Friday the 13th film series… Now, if you’ll excuse me, I really need to go and invite this woman to my next Halloween party.


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